To help my mother and her loyal companion

To help my mother and her loyal companion

From Moreau Paul

I am raising money for my mom and her dog. She's been my mom's companion for 10 years, and she's being treated for diabetes, which cost around 300 euros per month, it's getting harder for my mom to pay rent and treatment

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Hi everyone

I didn't think I'd find myself here one, yet here I am, sadly

Let introduce you to Enza, a small fox terrier. While she is nearing her 10 years, she is still full of energy, and ready to blitz in the wild at any time, outrunning even her much younger companion and my mother, her owner.

However, 2 years ago, the vet diagnosed her with diabetes. One day indeed, Enza just fainted without warning or without us noticing something was wrong. After one week at the vet, the vet confirmed his initial diagnosis. Diabetes comes with it's fair share of struggle for this angel, heavy weight loss, great fatigue, fainting, weakness, acceleration of her cecity and so on. Enza was unrecognizable, she lost 5 kg in a few weeks, which is enormous for a her size. Thankfully, there is a treatment. Injections of insuline, one in the morning, the other in the evening, every single day, as well a special diet, with adapted food sold by the vet. Add to that a weekly visit to the vet to check her glycemic level. While it's a lot, it does work well, enza regained her weight, and her energy, even tho she did lose her sight. All and all, it's a heavy treatment, where one day missed can be fatal for her. And it also comes with a heavy price. We use two syringes a day, as one injection requires one syringe, we need to buy the specialized insuline for dogs from the vet, as well as the dietary dog food, also from the vets. All of this comes up to almost 300 € per month. And it has increased quite a bit with current economical circumstances. But it didn't stop my mom from taking care of her dear companion, even with her meager pension. I also try my best to help her, even with my student status.

Unfortunately, while Enza was much much better, around 2 months ago she had a acute pancreatitis, meaning a severe inflammation of the pancreas. We had to take her to the vet emergencies. After echocardiography and scans and heavy treatment of a week at the vet, Enza came home, weak but healed. This entire operation had a total sot of a 1000 €. As you can imagine, My mom already had a hard time keeping up with the treatment, but this has been devastating for her. She had to sell precious souvenirs of her mother to make ends meet. But obviously, we still have to keep the treatment going, and we simply cannot afford it. Some people after advised her to euthanise Enza, something we will absolutely never do, unless if she was in great pain, which she is not. My mother is a very proud woman who refuses to ask even her own family for help, but I know that she needs it. This is why I find myself here writing to you. I know I am asking for a lot, but we wish to give Enza some more beautiful and happy years, with my mother and her friends (mainly cats)

I sincerely thank you for reading this through

P-S: I am a non-native english speaker, so I apologize if my english lacks a bit here, I hope you'll understand

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