It's a Garden: A Twilight Mirage Charity Fanzine

It's a Garden: A Twilight Mirage Charity Fanzine

From Andrea Garza

"It's a Garden" is a Friends at the Table fanzine with over 45 wonderfully talented contributors, where each illustration or piece of writing is based around one song from the amazing Twilight Mirage soundtrack.

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More Info

"It's a Garden" is a Friends at the Table fanzine for the Twilight Mirage season of the podcast. With contributions from over 45 extremely talented artists and writers, it is a 60+ page book that you can purchase either in hard copy or PDF form in this single run printing.

This zine is unique in that each of the contributions is based around one song from the amazing TM soundtrack. For each song on the soundtrack there is at least one illustration or written contribution in the book. This also means that the art pieces in the book tell the story of the full season of Twilight Mirage in chronological order.

Everyone involved has worked super hard to see this project come to life and we're super excited to finally get to share it with you!

[Preview of @scholarschism's contribution]

What charity is it? Where's the money go?

First, we are doing this as a crowdfunding pre-sale in order to raise the funds necessary to actually go to print. This covers printing and shipping costs, and platform and credit card fees. 

After that, the profits will be split: a percentage to the contributing artists, writers, and editors; and a percentage to Friends at the Table, who will be donating 100% of their portion to RAICES (The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services). Check out the RAICES website at to learn more about this great cause!

And, because printing fees go down as volume increases, more money raised means a higher percentage goes to charity -- so if the goal of $12,000 is exceeded, that means even more funds to be donated!

[Preview of @scarletstatic13's contribution]

About the book, plus...stickers!

The print version of the zine will 60+ pages (final page count TBD). It will be a 6 inch x 9 inch, full color, perfect bound book.

In addition, there are six bonus sticker designs that you can get as perks along with your order of the zine! They are high quality vinyl stickers, and the designs vary between 2-4 inches in size. Scroll through the images at the top of the page to see all of the sticker designs full size!

(Please note that some of these designs may have slight changes made to them before printing.)

[Preview of @hedgefruit's contribution]

Purchasing Tiers

  • $10: a PDF copy of the zine. The PDF will be exactly the same as printed version, in digital form. 
  • $15: the PDF version of the zine, as well as your choice of 2 of the 6 sticker designs.
  • $25: a print copy of the zine, as well as the PDF. Note that this tier does not include any stickers.
  • $30: print copy, PDF copy, and your choice of 2 stickers.
  • $40: print copy, PDF copy, and ALL 6 of the stickers!

Important Shipping Information 

PDF copies will be sent out within weeks after the pre-sale ends, to the email you provide at checkout. 

We can ship internationally!

Stickers and print copies of the zine will be printed within weeks after the pre-sale ends, and shipped shortly following that. You can expect to receive your orders in the mail by mid-to-late October; however, if anything changes about this timeline you will be kept up to date!

Because of the nature of this crowdfunding platform, we are unfortunately not able to collect your shipping information at checkout, so instead, after checkout you will receive an email with a link to fill out your shipping information and, if applicable, your choices of stickers. This email will be from and within the email will be a link to a Google form to collect your information.  

It is very important that the email you use at checkout is up to date and accurate!! There will be no other way that we can reach you to get your shipping information!! 

Also, please check the spam folder of your email if you do not see the email from FUNDLY after your order is completed!

Finally, if you would like to purchase multiple copies of the zine, you will have to make multiple orders. Apologies for this inconvenience!

If there are any issues with completing your order or submitting your shipping info, please contact AG at or at the zine twitter @tm_zine.

Thank you for your support!

[Cover art by Annie @orcagami]

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