Tips & Tricks on How to Have Mind-Blowing Sex with a Cam Gir

Tips & Tricks on How to Have Mind-Blowing Sex with a Cam Gir

From Muhammad Aamir

If there’s one golden rule to follow where private sex cam services are concerned, it’s this:

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If there’s one golden rule to follow where private sex cam services are concerned, it’s this:

The sooner you stop viewing the ‘virtual’ aspect of the whole thing as a negative, the better. 

Virtual sex has the potential to be every bit as fulfilling and fantastic as conventional sex. If not better, given how, it forces you to experiment in ways that would otherwise have passed you by. When physical contact is removed from the equation, you have no choice but to use your imagination. 

And that, as any experienced cam girl will tell you, is where things get interesting. 

But in terms of getting the most out of every virtual ‘date’ you take part in, what are the secrets to amazing cam girl sex? How can you ensure you walk away from every online cam session not just satisfied, but with your mind well and truly blown?

    First up, any presumptions about what virtual sex ‘might’ be like can (and should) be cast to one side. Being open-minded and expecting the unexpected is essential. 

    When exploring the various cam services available online, you’ll encounter things you never expected and experience things you never knew existed. All of this is part and parcel of the fun, so keep an open mind. 

      The physical side of online dating can be taken to an entirely new level by stocking up on the right toys. In this case, the ‘right’ toys mean a good assortment of gadgets to play with in real time with your partner. 

      This is where mutual masturbation becomes more satisfying, as you discover ways to pleasure yourself that go way beyond anything you’re used to. It’s also the perfect way to pick up tips and tricks to be brought into the real world for your pleasure and your partners. 

        As would be the case with any regular hookup, you need to get your game in order where cam sex positions are concerned. You can’t stand fixed in one position for the duration of your date and expect it to be a memorable experience. 

        There’s limitless room for experimentation, and literally, anything goes. If you lack inspiration, you’ll find many guides online with plenty of positions to keep you busy indefinitely.

          If in doubt, a great way to add fire to cam sex is to ask her exactly what she wants you to do. The idea is that you put yourself entirely at her mercy, and her wish is your command.

          It can be quite sexy to relinquish control completely, and it can also be just the thing for finding out what the women you hook up with really want. Again, great for making virtual sex seriously hot while arming you with solid gold skills and insights to be brought into the real world. 

            It’s your job to make as much effort for your date as you would expect her to make for you. This means getting your grooming and presentation in order (upstairs and downstairs), dressing smartly, and making every possible effort to look your best. 

            Making an effort makes a cam girl feel valued, which is essential for an enjoyable online date. If she gets the feeling you can’t be bothered, you can’t expect her to give you her best. 

              There’s no better place than a sex chat site to explore the deepest depths of your sexuality. Not to mention, experiment with the kinds of kinks you might have never tried in the real world. 

              Half of the fun in cam girl sites lies in experimentation, and the kind of stuff behind screens worldwide is eye-opening. If you’ve ever been curious about how kinky you are, you’re in the perfect place to find out. 

                Last, the number-one rule regarding having better sex is simple: have more. The more experienced you are with camming, the easier it becomes to have a tumultuous time every time. 

                Keep an open mind, stock up on toys, and never be afraid to ask your dates exactly what they want you to do. Given time, the whole thing will become second nature, and you’ll know exactly what mind-blowing virtual sex is all about. 

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