Tiona Needs A New Guitar

Tiona Needs A New Guitar

From Tiona M Knight

OK, so, I promise I'm not being whiny or selfish, looking for a handout or anything like that. But I'm looking to upgrade to a real, professional level acoustic guitar, and I could use some help.

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In 2012 some friends and I had our guitars stolen from the church we were serving. I know, crazy right? It was sad and unexpected, and we weren't left with much time to replace them. By the grace of God I found a similar guitar, used at a store in North Dakota online, and snagged it for something like $250. It was a blessing, and an answered prayer, and I have been playing it ever since. 

But, the thing is, it's not great. It's traveled many places with me, taken many beatings, but is starting to fade on me slowly. I have gotten my money's worth and then some out of it, but it just won't last forever. And it's never been at the level I desired -- pro-level guitars can cost you an arm and leg, but they are reliable and long lasting. 

For a guitar player, the right instrument is like finding your voice. I don't just want something better - I want something reliable, that sounds like me, and can go where I go. I spend a lot of time playing music not just for myself, but leading churches and young people in worship in hopes they will grow closer to God. The better tuned in my equipment gets, the less distractions crop up to take away from our ultimate goal. I have broken 4 strings in the last 2 weeks -- I promise you that is not normal! 

So I am reaching out and doing something I really hate doing -- asking for help. I could save and squirrel money away, try to pay it off slowly, but the truth is I want more than that. I want a guitar that reminds me every time I pull it out of the case, that I am not going into it alone. That there are people all over, who I love and care about, who go with me and made a way for whatever moment is about to happen. I want to do it together, and that's why I'm asking for help. 

Anything raised is a gift, I have no desire to be greedy. I just hope I can continue to serve people with what drives me most - making music. 

Thank you for reading, and even considering being a part. I hope we can do this together. 

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