Tiger Vest Music Video

Tiger Vest Music Video

From Dominic Delzompo

we're making a music video for probably the most ridiculous song I (dom aka intrnet boyfriend aka pastrami mami) have ever written, "tiger vest," which will be the first single from my upcoming debut album "press start."

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What's a Tiger Vest?

Tiger Vest is a song I wrote a while ago with a v good friend of mine (hi donnie!) that explores my own feelings about such things as: my insecurities and social anxiety, having so many feelings but not knowing what to do with them, being bad at sports, and having a really dope vest.

formal description done wow everyone thank u so so much for even considering donating!! trust me I am the last person who ever expected me to be doing any sort of fundraising campaign because I'm just TOO PROUD™ but some people who are very smart and rly know what they're doing told me to get over that and now here we are. 

these days I am doing my best to actively practice gratitude in my day to day life, and that has become very easy knowing that such multifaceted, kind, generous, sweet humans such as yourself have even a sliver of belief in me. I already owe you all so much, and I hope that I can give back to all of u with some extremely dope art very soon. ✨ - dom

Your donations will help us cover the costs of lighting, equipment, locations, and other production costs for the Tiger Vest Music video. We are extremely appreciative if you are able to offer financial support for our project! If you are unable to support our project financially, it would be an incredible help if you would share this campaign on social media and help us reach as many people as possible.

Key Crew 

DIRECTOR - Shannon Delijani

Shannon Delijani is a Director, Writer and Musician based in Los Angeles. Her most recent project, Lived and Loved: a multimedia song cycle, was premiered in collaboration with Artemis, an intersectional Arts collective. It was selected as the semiannual grant recipient of Delta Kappa Alpha, USC’s cinematic arts society. She is passionate about innovation in music and indisciplinary filmmaking. 

PRODUCER - Hampus Wahlin

Hampus Wahlin is a Producer and BFA Candidate at USC: School of Cinematic Arts. He has has partnered with a variety of multi-national production companies to collaborate on innovative and exceptional visual, auditory, and cinematic content. Thanks to his experience with content branding and creative production, Hampus has an innate understanding of what drives engagement and creative progress. He is also the Head of Production for the School of Cinematic Arts’ professional honorary society.


Simran Jehani is a Cinematographer and a student at the University of Southern California. She has worked in the camera department on an array of projects like music videos, documentary films and even feature films. She has had the opportunity to view the world through the cinematic lens for many years, solidifying her experience of giving life to a story through light and visuals.

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