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My name is Orion, I’m a transguy in the Kansas City area and I have been on testosterone since April 24th of 2017. Even though I’ve been on T for pretty much two years, the effects of my HRT was slowed due to a subdermal birth control implant. From then until now I was only without T for about three months tops, yet I’ve only seen things beginning to progress again since the removal of the implant. 

That said, I’m incredibly frustrated with my appearance. I bind everyday which has worked up until this point, but more and more I find myself wishing I could just sit around shirtless the way my boyfriend does. Not to mention it’s beginning to take its toll on my body by causing my sternum to ache and bruising my ribs when I cough too hard. 

Aside from these aches and pains, I also have a broken brain. Probably a result of endless bullying and harassment for being transgender, but who knows right? Anyway, I have BPD and PTSD, both clinically diagnosed following my hospitalization in fall of 2016. Since then I’ve seen a major improvement on my mental health, but I know chest surgery would improve it even more. At the very least, it would certainly give me a much needed confidence boost. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

All of this was on my mind, I had a surgeon picked out and a letter mailed from endo, just to be unexpectedly cut from my insurance. I knew that my mom cut my insurance, but I didn’t expect my dad to for some reason. I guess I should’ve, because he did, leaving me uninsured and scrambling to find GoodRx prices for my psych meds. 

This was also why I went a week without my Effexor. The result of this was a manic breakdown, missing work due to withdrawal symptoms, and more money lost out of my pocket as the doctors office gave me the runaround. I finally had to go in to see my physician and just deal with the uninsured cost  of a doctors visit. Of course, she did my bloodwork too. 

So with all of this going on and these bills circulating, my chest surgery had to be put off... and will continue to be put off until I either get insurance or the money to somehow pay for it out of pocket. As of right now, I set the goal for 5k. If I do get the insurance and get most of the cost covered, I would refund it back to you guys or redonate it to someone else who needs it. 

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