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Thrive Together Alliance (TTA)

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Funding will assist with our staff, supplies and filming to help implement the programs we created. We have stakeholders ready to go, including schools and elder communities. Funding will get this started.

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We are so excited to start on our innovative initiative aimed at revolutionizing eldercare and education within town(s). This project has the potential to create a lasting impact on the lives of the elderly and the youth in a town and eventually, across the nation. We are genuinely delighted to share our vision with you.

Today, our youth face numerous challenges and struggles. The fast-paced nature of the digital age has led to diminished face-to-face interactions and a reduced sense of community. However, by sitting and engaging with an elder, the youth can experience a profound impact. Elders possess a wealth of wisdom, life experiences, and stories that can provide invaluable guidance and perspective. Through these intergenerational connections, the youth can gain a deeper appreciation for the past, develop empathy, and respect for older generations, and find solace in the shared human experiences. Such interactions offer a sense of belonging and foster a renewed sense of purpose, allowing our youth to navigate the complexities of life with greater resilience and compassion.

Elders living with Alzheimer's often experience profound isolation, struggles, and deep loneliness. The progression of this disease can gradually rob them of memories, cognitive abilities, and the ability to engage meaningfully with others. However, engaging with a youth can offer a powerful antidote to their isolation. The presence of a young companion can evoke memories, spark joy, and create a sense of connection to the present moment. The genuine interactions and shared experiences with the youth can instill a renewed sense of purpose, stimulate cognitive functioning, and ignite moments of clarity and happiness. The intergenerational bond formed through these interactions brings light and warmth into the lives of elders with Alzheimer's, mitigating their loneliness and providing a profound source of comfort and companionship.

Our objective is to establish a comprehensive town-wide program that fosters empathy, understanding, and shared experiences from specially designed programs that integrate elders and youth. By bringing together esteemed stakeholders, such as town departments, First Responders, Rotary, Chamber, Lions Club, and local communities, we aim to mend broken institutions and create an inclusive environment where all generations can support and care for one another. Our carefully designed solutions and plans ensure smooth and successful execution. We are proud to state that we already have several towns eagerly willing to participate and join this mission.

The implementation strategy of our program involves establishing school contacts and collaborating with elder communities, the eventual Thrive Center, and other predetermined spaces to organize regular meetings between students and elders. These interactions will bridge generational gaps, creating meaningful connections that foster mutual understanding and respect.

To capture the program's implementation and transformative impact, we plan to deploy local documentary crews and news media who will showcase the power of intergenerational connections through impactful storytelling.  Additionally, our team includes experts such as Christine Tucker Elder, an expert in Alzheimer's and Dementia enrichment programming, and James Bowe, an experienced educator of over 31 years.

Our program begins at the school for the participating students with a carefully structured training  which includes a mini film and personal message from the Thrive Together Alliance team, discussing the program the youth will be participating in. This is followed by a dementia experience training crafted by Christine Tucker Elder, providing firsthand experiences of dementia to enhance students' comprehension and foster empathy. This will be followed by a survey and Q&A for the youth discussing the experience.

Once the youth are trained, they will engage with elders at predetermined times and locations through programs designed for their interactions. These specialized programs promote empathy, understanding, and shared experiences, cultivating meaningful connections and mutual respect among different generations. We feel this program will yield positive results on a town-wide scale.  

Furthermore, we will establish a collaborative partnership with the school to offer enrichment programs, including bands, theatre groups, and various social clubs. Together, we will organize a series of engaging events, such as rehearsals for plays, concerts, and recitals, which will be performed exclusively for the enjoyment of our beloved elders residing in elder care communities, the Thrive Center, or other mutually agreed-upon venues.

The culmination of our efforts will be the establishment of a Thrive Center, serving as a HUB for the town intergenerational program and an adult day center for individuals with Alzheimer's. This center will provide comprehensive daily care, enrichment programs, and on-site assistance for those needing hygiene assistance. It will also act as a referral service, guiding individuals towards relevant services, with commissions flowing back into the Thrive Center and a town give-back program to eliminate sales from senior living.

The Thrive Center will also serve as a resource for Alzheimer's education and understanding courses, offering a Dementia Experience course and guidance on elder care needs. There will also be resources available for all needed to help those struggling with Alzheimer’s or Dementia from diagnosis to compassionate end. Our aim is to establish an easily implementable model that can be adopted by other towns, benefiting more elders and youth.

We anticipate substantial outcomes from our initiative, including heightened empathy and understanding among students towards elderly individuals living with Alzheimer's, improved mental well-being and cognitive functioning of the elderly participants, and strengthened bonds between schools, communities, and eldercare organizations. By increasing awareness and knowledge about Alzheimer's disease, we aim to reduce stigma, enhance support systems, and promote early detection and intervention.

With the the expertise of Christine Tucker Elder and James Bowe, the support of local stakeholders, and the tireless efforts of Maisie Shannon-Bowe, we are confident in our ability to create a transformative and sustainable program that redefines eldercare and education and turns to our local towns to help both.

We kindly request your support. Donations of funds, products or services go directly to help our mission, filming  of the BETA and support our business. Together, we can create a brighter future for all generations in our community.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to the opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact in our and hopefully eventually your community.

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