Three Tips to Have Fun While Saving

Three Tips to Have Fun While Saving

From Faisal Khan

Fundraising and crowdfunding can be exhausting tasks. Unexpected demands can pile up quickly,

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From effectively communicating a cause to setting up appropriate collection channels to sending out updates to donors.

Though free-to-use platforms have simplified much of this process today, it’s important not to get burnt out halfway through a campaign. Money is often tight during this period, which means having fun and relaxing can be difficult—especially if the stakes are high.

Short on time, energy, or funds? Consider these three tips when looking to kick up your feet during a demanding campaign.

Take Advantage of Welcome Deals

The internet has led to some truly innovative ideas. Some of the most impactful of these are deal aggregate sites and browser plugins. From Groupon to Slickdeals, there are sites that compile the latest and most competitive deals on a range of goods, services, and experiences.

Many companies offer deals on their website alone, which means finding a way to engage with a cheap hobby is often a Google search way. You may have to subscribe and sort through a few emails, but it’s a low price for a free (or nearly free) opportunity.

The range of options is nearly endless. Interested in sports? A long list of sportsbooks now offer free bets and other welcome bonuses, including Unibet and more. What about traveling? Some social and environmental platforms like couch surfing and WWOOF provide travelers free boarding, typically with minimal requirements.

Phone a Friend

No, this isn’t a tip to enter for a chance to play Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? It’s a reminder to rely on those closest to you. During a time-sensitive campaign, it’s common to feel that we’re ‘tapping out’ our closest social resources. We ask for time, help, advice, and a shoulder to lean on.

Even so, a caring friend is often willing to lend a helping hand—especially if it involves helping someone relax and have fun. Whether asking to borrow the keys to a weekend getaway house, a car for a weekend camping trip, or just a partner to hit the putt-putt course with, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask.

Take a Day Off

As mentioned above, it’s easy to burn out when on a tight schedule. This is often made even tougher when the cause has great personal significance to you. However, it’s important to keep in mind that fundraising and crowdfunding are usually long games, which makes prioritizing personal wellbeing important for those working non-stop behind the scenes.

Organizers should seek to work smarter rather than harder by improving their efficiency. One scientifically proven way to maximize productivity is to take time off. Sounds a bit off? One study from Oxford Medical highlighted how as little as three days of vacation improve sleep quality and mood.

Around the country, more and more companies are taking a look at how relaxation days and vacation time lead to higher outputs of work, with higher levels of accuracy. If you’re working against the clock on a campaign while holding down a day job, you may not be able to take time off—but you can at least turn off text and email notifications for at least one day per week.

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