Things to know before buying web hosting

Things to know before buying web hosting

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Things to know before buying web hosting in 2022

It is very confusing to decide which things you should look for when you are getting your website hosted for the first time. First of all, you should go for an affordable plan. Many web hosting agencies offer you a variety of different hosting plans so choose which is suitable for your budget. Afterward, you have to focus on the safety of sensitive data, the performance of the website, and the 99.9% uptime of the selected web host.

Here in this article, we are listing a few key factors you should know before buying a hosting plan to avoid any scam because many companies trap you. Always take a free trial first or go for a month or weekly plan then go for the long-term plan if you are good with it. 

Here are the following features you have to look for such as 

  • Free domain

  • Cost and Contract

  • Storage space

  • Bandwidth

  • Adds-On and Upgrades

  • Site Speed

  • Support

Usually, the domain is free for one year and then if you want to extend it you have to pay for it. You also can purchase a Right Domain from a domain registrar for a longer time at an affordable price.  For doing so you would have a long commitment with your domain even if your hosting would expire your domain name will remain. Otherwise, if you take domain free for one year then after one year you have to pay more with the cost of domain privacy as well. 

Before purchasing, search out the cost and package of different companies. Keep in mind that no company will give you a hosting service that is $3 in the long run. Well, every website is different and comes with a different plan. Such as the lowest plan of hosting offer is $5 monthly with a 25% discount.  So before going for an annual contract use your mind and think again. Always prefer short-term trials so if you get satisfied you can renew it. 

On shared service, you can’t avail of free offers otherwise your account would be blocked for violation of rules. You need to look at the policies of the shared servers before purchasing the hosting plan. When any website uses high RAM, all other websites on the server would get affected. 

Throughout the year there will be many offers on various events such as Black Friday Deal, and Thanksgiving Day, etc. Be careful of this kind of upgrade deal on special events when you have your hosting account because you can only upgrade these offers but can’t step back even if you want to. 

You will get what you pay for? Paying much on speed improvement and paying less on the hosting server is what most bloggers do. There are various tools to check out the response time of the server. If you google Pagespeed Insights you will get to know that on cheap platforms response time is a top issue for hosted sites. But still, as we know every site is different so don’t make judgments based on the reviews on plain themes with minimum pages. In fact, if you’re going to launch a new website, it will expand faster and grow your traffic as well as both bots and humans. Quality hosting platforms' costs depend upon the number of visits. So if you want good quality you have to pay more. 

Usually, people talk about cheap quality on the web about the EIG hosting websites such as Blue Host, etc. it is a satire that they are a well-known company worldwide. EIG is the holder of blue host and HostGator so clients after getting fed up switch to another host that’s why there is no effect on their net customer base. You can get online within 15 minutes and you can clearly see the search online and knowledge base when asked simple questions.  On the other end websites like SiteGround make an amazing standard in support. So if you just started and expect customer care then you must check out the support system before purchasing the plan. 

Final thoughts: 

 I will say before going to purchase any plan do your research for available platforms and set your priorities and analyze your needs. It does not matter if hosting companies offer you multiple applications mostly would be useless or extra for you. You would need WordPress, which you can install by yourself. Moreover do not follow the reviews with affiliate URLs because they can be fake and unreal reviews especially when companies recommend you theory products by themselves. Do not get scammed or lured with a free tag. Always try to have free trials or cheap trials before paying. And if you are comfortable with it then pay for a long-term contract. 

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