Things To Do in Johor Bharu (Malaysia)

Things To Do in Johor Bharu (Malaysia)

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There is actually so much to see and do in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, the things you can do are almost endless. But if you always thought JB was all about Legoland and Johor Laksa, this list will be a great resource for any weekend trip. Tourists and locals alike will find something on this itinerary. These are also just a few of the many things you can do in Johor.

1. Rocky Basecamp Aeon Mall - Climb mural walls

Because you are mostly protected from the heat and sun outside, rock climbing is an excellent sport for people who don't like outdoor sports. The idea of climbing up a wall vertically can seem daunting for even the most experienced climber. Rocky Basecamp has murals that may help you overcome your fears.

These facilities are child-friendly as many of the murals depict King Kong scaling a skyscraper or Rapunzel climbing a tower. The murals are great for adults new to the sport, as they act as distractions to keep you from worrying about how far you've climbed.

2. Laser Battle: Reenact a Star Wars battle scene

Laser Battle will allow you to use glowing laser guns rather than lightsabers. This makes it easier to sneak up on your opponents. Regardless of which arena you choose, whether it's Egyptian- or jungle-themed, neither one will be easy as you must navigate through maze-like terrains.

Your points will be added to a digital scoreboard. This can then be used to determine who the winner is after each game. You can also choose from a variety of different games, each with its own gameplay and goals.

3. Handmade batik souvenirs at Rumah Limas

Rumah Limas is not just a traditional house in Sungai Chat selling handcrafted souvenirs such as batik prints but also the architectural design of traditional Indonesian homes. It is possible to find it in Johor because Indonesians moved here long ago, bringing their culture and customs with them.

Rumah Limas allows you to tour the traditional house and shop for souvenirs. The house's interior has been converted into a souvenir shop that sells traditional batik jewellery and pieces. Display cases include mannequin models that show the fashion of yesteryear.

Beautiful batik scarves in many colors and designs are available here. They make a great gift for someone you know who appreciates handmade items like this. You can also play congkak, and learn how to make your own batik using a canvas with a design already waxed on.

4. ATV Park Johor Bahru offers a ride on an ATV through the muddy forests.

ATVs, also called four-wheelers, are huge bikes that can navigate in rough terrains where cars are not able. There are several trails available at ATV Park Johor. These include paved, muddy and forest trails. This activity is fun because you get to explore remote areas away from the main towns.

You and your group will be accompanied by a professional staff to guide you through the forest until you reach a hill with a breathtaking view of JB Town. This is a great place to ride in the evenings and watch the sunset.

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