Things To Check Before Buying A Rollator Walker

Things To Check Before Buying A Rollator Walker

From Ayesha Kayani

Rollator walkers are different from the simple walkers, they have wheels like carts and they have the advance framework and features that help you move freely indoors and especially outdoors.

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Things To Check Before Buying A Rollator Walker

If you are having some mild weakness or low-level mobility limitation due to any medical issue like arthritis, gout or you are suffering from any neuromuscular disease that is specifically affecting your lower limbs and your therapist/ doctor has recommended a Rollator Walker for you or if you lack stamina and strength to move around independently due to any reason and you are considering buying a rollator walker, then this article will help you because it is a quick guide for you to choose the best and most suitable rollator walker for you

What is Rollator Walker And Why Should You Buy It?

Rollator walkers are different from the simple walkers, they have wheels like carts and they have the advance framework and features that help you move freely indoors and especially outdoors, they are foldable and easy to carry. They come with comfortable foldable seats that allow you to sit anywhere you want and feel comfortable if you get tired during walking, they also have the option of carrying pouch or an attachable basket to put in your things and carry them with you easily like your purse, your book, water bottle etc.while going on a walk.

In order to get benefit from all these features, selection of the appropriate rollator walker is the most important thing, there are hundreds of rollator walkers in the market by different brands and in different styles and from all of these choosing the right one might be a tricky thing. through this article, we will try to explain the basic and important things to help you choose the best one.



Here is a step by step guide for things you need to check before buying a Rollator Walker. 

Brand and warranty: There are many brands out there that manufacture rollator walkers but be sure to pick the reliable and best one that provides you warranty and easy availability of parts because they might wear out with time. Read reviews from the real users on the brand’s website.

Structure and material: Make sure they have used good material and choose according to your ease and requirement. The frame is mostly made up of steel or aluminum.

Steel walkers: They are usually heavier and ideal for those who need extra support and grounding.

Aluminum walkers: They are more popular being lightweight and give more mobility and ease.

Brakes: Brakes are really important because they put you in control. It is very important to make sure that the brakes are working properly when you pull up the brakes to slow down or stop the walker and also when you push down on the breaks to lock the wheels in place.

Stability: Make sure the walker looks stable and all the wheels are making contact with the ground

Handles: The handles must be easy to grip and in perfect position and should not be slippery

3 Wheeler or 4wheeler: The choice of wheels depends upon your usage and your priority.

Rollator with 3 wheels: They are lighter and turn efficiently. best for indoors

Rollator with 4 wheels: Heavier but if you walk outdoors for longer distance and use the seat as well, this would be the best option

Size and Quality of wheels: It again depends upon the usage. Wheel size ranges from 4 to 8 inches. mostly they come with 6 to 8 inches

Small wheels (4 -5): They are best for indoor use because they fit perfectly in tighter spaces.

Large wheels (6-8’’): They are ideal for outdoor use and for longer distance.

Weight capacity: your walker should work smoothly even after carrying your weight. Read the carrying capacity listed in specs and chose according to your requirements. They usually have a capacity of 250 lbs

Height: Rollators vary in height, chose according to your height.

Width: Width matters a lot if you are buying a walker for indoor use, before that measure the width of your doors and hallways and use accordingly

Seat and backrest: Make sure the seat and backrest are made of fine material especially if you need to sit at frequent intervals

Storage compartment: Select the storage compartment according to your needs. you can choose between a pouch a basket or a container

Folding: Fold and unfold the walker repeatedly to check if it gets folded smoothly and with less effort.

Comfort and Style: Last but not the least is style, after making sure that it is comfortable enough, select the style that appeals you the most because your rollator might be going to your long term companion.`

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