"@The System Is Racist" Advertising Fund-Raising Campaign

"@The System Is Racist" Advertising Fund-Raising Campaign

From James Golden

We are seeking support to help offset the advertising costs of our social media campaign to spread awareness about institutional racism in the United States.

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We are a grassroots team of scholars, faith leaders, and business owners who came together in the wake of George Floyd's murder to bring greater awareness to the racial disparities that exist in education, health care, criminal justice, employment, banking, and housing that have endured because of centuries of institutionalized racism in the United States. 

It is said that sunlight is the greatest disinfectant, and our goal is to harness the boundless energy of a community of likeminded individuals in order to shine the brightest of lights on the enduring suffering that Black and brown. To this end, our first initiative is to saturate social media with infographics and other resources that drive out the darkness that has hidden institutionalized racism. Too often, even well-intended persons continue to benefit from and even perpetuate the oppression of Black and brown people simply because they unaware of how inextricably and insidiously entrenched racism is within U.S. culture. 

In order to increase awareness of the breadth and depth of institutional racism, we have paid to have selected infographics, such as the ones shown below, "boosted" on Facebook.  We have not engaged in any fundraising efforts prior to this, so all expenses have been paid out of pocket by our group.  

We are asking for your support in helping to fund our advertising efforts.  100% of the money donated will go towards advertising costs across various social media platforms; none of us receive any financial compensation for our work, nor will any donated funds be used for any expenses other than advertising costs.  

Please consider donating, and, even if you cannot afford to, please join us in sharing the infographics and written works from @The System Is Racist across every social media platform in which you actively participate. 

As George Floyd's 6 year old daughter said, "Daddy changed the world." Let's make sure she's right.

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