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ecoSchool HUB & Micro Farm

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We're raising money for a cause we care about, but need your help to reach our goal! Please become a supporter to follow our progress and share with your friends.

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About The Team

FPC Norfolk...

...believes in EARTHCARE and that's why some of our members are helping to cultivate a community focused on caring for creation!

From more energy efficient lighting, less dependence on oil & gas by riding a bicycle to simply turning of the tap when you brush your teeth these types of practical teachings are but a few of our ecological praxis we can follow to better keep in step with our creator's command to care for the creation.

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Learn about the Green Rider Cause @  HEAL.ecocycling.org

From Freestyle Gardening to visiting farms and gardens across the country to learn from the amazing things they are doing as well as share their work. We’ll visit permaculture farms, organic farms, off the grid homesteads, sustainability centers, and more. By joining this adventure you’ll not only get to help others but also expand your knowledge and skills.

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OUR MISSION Is to create, grow and maintain a sustainable habitat for every creature to live and thrive.

Part of developing a greener, healthier, and more sustainable community is establishing an urban food network with both residential backyard micro farms and larger more utilitarian community gardens including permaculture, rain-gardens & aquaculture. Learn more here>>>

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