The wrongly accused

The wrongly accused

From Kaila Spencer

Help justice prevail, and innocent people lead normal lives. any amount will help, we greatly appreciate it

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Me and my sons father have been seperated for a year now and going through a divorce, the longest we have ever been apart, and in that time i have found someone else who i have been with for 11 months now. My sons dad thought that i would come running back and has created so much unneeded drama in my life he doesnt even help support his son. When my son comes from his dads he is brainwashed and saying things he doesnt normally say. out of the blue he said that my son told him that my boyfriend touched him in a sexual way and I know that is not true, the only problem is he had a previous conviction of annoyance of a minor under the age of 18, but that case got threw out, my boyfriend has had a lot of bad luck in life and im trying everything I can to help straighten out our lives together, he wants to marry me and have children with me but we can never get ahead. 

The reason I know its not true was because my son never acted in a way he was molested, I know because it happened to me, and when I told his dad that there is a custody order and he needs to bring my son back home he refused so I told him I want to get the truth out because I know he brainwashed him or "coached" him to say something like that if he did at all, so I continued on by saying i want to get him checked and evaluated by people who are trained professionals in these situations, and he never replied. 

I as a parent would allow that from the other parent if I felt it was true I would actually encourage it, I feel as if he wants me back, and he knows I have no where else to go so if my boyfriend gets locked up or wants to leave me cause of the drama (which he isnt choosing to, he doesnt care, he knows the truth will come out which is another reason i know accusation isnt true) so he thinks I will come running back to his narcissistic, controlling, abusive, brainwashing self, please help me raise the money for a lawyer or even enough for a deposit on an apartment and the rent for us to start on our venture together.

I know justice will prevail, and that this too shall pass please find it in your heart to donate even if its just 5 $ it helps out, spread the word if possible.

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