The Woman In My Dreams (short film)

The Woman In My Dreams (short film)

From Ben Russell

This is a short film being shot for the AT&T Short Film Competition in association with Warner Bros. this December. It is a movie about overcoming grief when losing those we love and sleep paralysis.

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Matt, a young man in his twenties, has been dumped by his girlfriend Sherry, the woman he was going to marry. At night, his sleep paralysis manifests into Sherry as the form of a succubus. No matter what he does, he cannot escape her attacks. Desperate, Matt will do whatever it takes to move past his ex. 

The Woman In My Dreams is a story about overcoming grief and moving on from the people we love, but no longer want us. It is a story about finding happiness within ourselves without the dependence of others. 

This short film is partially inspired by my own experiences through a tough break-up that threw me into a slump of depression. Angry and frustrated over my lack of closure, the break-up made feel like I was losing my mind. It was not until I accepted that I needed to find clarity within myself that I was able to move forward. 

Sleep paralysis is also a strong plot device that I feel has not been touched by most film and television outlets. Many people are affected by sleep paralysis and handful of those people are consistently plagued by it. Serious cases of sleep paralysis include some of the most horrific and terrifying imagery one can experience. It is an occurrence that should be addressed and raised awareness for, which is one of purposes for this short film. 

This is a collaborative project with a diverse cast and crew which proves that when like-minded people come together, anything is possible. Dreams can be accomplished by anyone with a goal and deep message behind it.

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