The Village Safe Haven

The Village Safe Haven

From Destanie Black

This fundraiser is for a Youth Center that will be opened in Mableton/Austell/Cobb County Georgia for troubled adolescent teenagers that are in Middle and High School.

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I believe I can make a change for our younger generation to keep the off the streets and better their lives. I want The Village Safe Haven to became successful for every Young Man and Young Lady. Everyone deserves a second change in life if they are will to sacrifice and make a few changes.

I am going to use the money to open a youth center for trouble adolescent youth/teens for my community.  I want a place where they come to get guidance, mentor, counseling and place from our youth to come to get a better way to succeed in life. It take a village to help raise our youth and I want to be the first to help change my community and give back. Rental TVs, kitchen equipment, game systems, pay employees, pay contractors. and to provide this services for the youth to prepare them to become young adults. I have many activities and want them to be able to set their long term and short term goal to get them ready for college or their dream career. We are also will be providing a Helping Hand Program to give back to families in need of emergency assistance, food pantry and help with utility bills. I want make a change in my community to stop the violence. I realized I have a way to give back to my community. This is a place where children can come a feel open mined and not be judge and somewhere that they can feel like they are home. The community has no place for our children to go when they are looking for guidance or asking for help.A lot of children do not have a support system so they turn to the streets. I work at Devereux and see many of case where children are on drugs, sex traffic, raped by family members or siblings, mental incapacity, and have very bad behavior issues. A lot of this comes from a child not having the right guidance. Children are like sponges. A lot of children are being misdiagnosed for being a teen and be diagnosed for have mental illness or issue. A child could be suffering from a traumatic issues, depression or anxiety. Put a child on medication doesn’t solve the issue. It makes them depend on a drug to help them think that their okay. But in reality their not. Whatever they see or they are though from birth will always be the mindset they will have. Kids will be kids but it takes a village to raise a child or mold them into a successful person. You can never give up on them because that’s all they seen majority of their life is failure. When a child is raised they are raised to show very little emotion. This takes a big toll on their life because releases angrier and very bad behavior issues. When a child gets hurt we should let them know it’s okay to cry. The new generation of males are raised not to cry. That’s were the problems are being made and there not being addressed. My mission starts with our youth.  

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