The Up N' Comers Podcast

The Up N' Comers Podcast

From Joeseph Edmondson

This fundraiser would be to earn the necessary funds to create a podcast focused on the next generation of eSports athletes. This will include audio equipment for hosts, a PC for editing, GFX designs, and LLC licenses.

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My History

I have always had a passion for competitive gaming since my first introduction to them during the early days of Youtube and through the now defunct television channel G4. Watching fighting game tournaments, impressive clutches during Halo 3 competitions, and seeing the drive and passion that these players had made my love for gaming even greater. Once I had the funds together, I bought my own PC; and while it may have been on the lower end of quality, it let me play my first true love in the competitive gaming world, Rainbow Six Siege. Through this game, and community, I fell even deeper down the rabbit hole of eSports and began following professional players on social media, just to see what tips and tricks they may have.

I soon gained the opportunity to operate a competitive league for Rainbow Six Siege, and while it was hectic, I loved every single moment of that experience. I got to come face to face, and voice to voice, with the next in line to pursue their dreams as eSports professionals. These people lit a fire in my heart, and I cared so much about each and every player and their team. I would get upset for them when they would lose, excited when the underdogs would take victories, and I truly began to admire their passion. 

Ultimately, that league had to be discontinued, due to mental health issues, and I have been dreaming of a way to contribute to this community again. Eventually it hit me, that myself along with some friends could create a podcast in which we shed light on these up'n coming competitors and the hard work they put in every day just to fight for a chance. I love talking, analyzing, and having genuine and true conversations about gaming as it is a love of mine; and I feel that these players deserve people like that to truly put their names into the ears of more and more people.

The Podcast Itself

This podcast will be created weekly, with myself along with two friends who care deeply for gaming and the competitive nature therein. While we all have deep passions for siege, there are other games that will get light shed on them and the players competing within; such as Valorant, racing simulation games, Call of Duty, and possibly Overwatch to name a few. Also, we are all genuinely passionate people and will hope to share some of ourselves with the audience.

The ultimate goal is to create an environment as though the listener and their friends had gotten together in a discord call and begun discussing the interesting goings on in the world of competitive games, professional level esports, and their lives that week. We hope to have interviews regularly; ranging from players, coaches, league organizers, casters, analysts, and on and on so that we can let the listener, who may not be very involved in these communities, gain a view behind the metaphorical curtain. Hopefully, this will allow for these communities to grow and prosper and reach the ears of individuals who may never have thought to inquire about that side of the gaming world.

Finally, we would love to be able to create videos as well, to hopefully create an even more welcoming environment to join in as you play your practice games for the day, study for your next exam, or head to work.


-Audio Equipment for all hosts; microphones, quality headsets, recording interfaces, and hopefully recording software licenses

-Video Equipment for all hosts; quality cameras or webcams to record individuals, backdrops if necessary for certain hosts

-A primary PC to be used for editing, rendering, and posting of all videos and audio content as well as for the possibility of livestreams of the hosts as secondary content

-GFX artist collaborations for the podcast and all designs needed for it

-Any business licenses, or payments to ensure the audio version of the podcast is available on all platforms

Thank you to everyone, and anyone who contributes to this project. It means the world.

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