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The Ukraine Eversley Foundation Inc. is a business entity registered in the state of Florida. Its agent is Registered Agents Inc., which also acts as the nonprofit's secretary. The non-profit's officers are Oleksandr Kazakov, Kostyantyn Kazakov, and Nina Kazakhstana. The company is located in Tampa and is operated by Oleksandr Kazakov.

How Ukraine Eversley Foundation working in This Massive Refugee Crisis Situation

The crisis in Ukraine has created a massive refugee crisis. More than a quarter of the population has fled the country, and four million are seeking asylum in neighboring countries. The majority of those refugees are women and children. More than seven million more have been displaced internally in the country. Thankfully, Ukraine Eversley Foundation is on the ground in Ukraine and surrounding countries.

The Ukraine crisis has affected the health care system in the country, with nearly seven million people facing hunger. The food shortages are having devastating impacts on the region's economy and health care infrastructure. In Moldova, for instance, over 80,000 women are slated to give birth in the next three months. Sadly, many of them are not receiving adequate maternal care. The humanitarian crisis has disproportionately affected women and children, and the health system is in disarray.

On February 24, the Russian military sent off air strikes on Ukraine's regular citizen and military framework, while Russian ground powers attacked Ukraine from Russia, Belarus and Crimea, which had been wrongfully involved beginning around 2014, starting a full-scale war. At a certain point, a huge number of individuals became displaced people. Many thousands are confined and encircled by Russia's unfriendly armed force. Whole urban areas wound up under tension from fear without water and food in cool cellars and safe houses. Russia bombarded local locations and intentionally terminated on regular citizens. It bombarded clinical offices, including shelters and maternity emergency clinics, as well as nursing homes. For over four months, we have been going through troublesome and uncommon times, when foe powers are ruthlessly going after and annihilating framework, non military personnel structures and killing our kin.

Ukraine Eversley Foundation Working in This Massive Refugee Crisis

If you're wondering how your donations are making a difference in the massive refugee crisis in Ukraine, you're in luck. You can read about the Ukraine Eversley Foundation's work with Ukrainian refugees in this article. But it's not only a humanitarian organization; it also supports local and international charities. The Ukrainian government has opened its doors to international humanitarian aid and support efforts in the region.

The conflict in Ukraine has resulted in the displacement of an estimated quarter of the Ukrainian population and the destruction of many communities. Millions of Ukrainians have fled their homes to seek safety in neighboring countries. Many more have taken refuge in Ukraine, albeit to fight for their country. The Ukrainian refugee population needs humanitarian aid in Ukraine and beyond. The EU should develop a comprehensive plan to support host countries and provide vital protection services.

Ukraine Eversley Foundation is raising funds for immediate humanitarian assistance. The organization will prioritize women, children, and the elderly when distributing humanitarian aid. Ukraine Eversley Foundation is already providing primary health care in eastern Ukraine and is working to expand mental health services. The organization is also working to support Ukrainian academics. In partnership with the UEF and Scholars at Risk, UM students are putting together a database of relief efforts in Ukraine.

Hundreds of schools in Ukraine have been damaged by heavy weapon fire. Some are serving as shelters, information centers, and supply hubs for children. Children across Ukraine are in dire need of psychosocial care and safety. Despite the intense fighting, essential infrastructure and services are being destroyed, leaving families in desperate need of emergency aid. The Ukrainian government has run out of basic supplies for the country. If you're looking for a charitable organization to support the region's children and their families, consider joining Ukraine Eversley Foundation.

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