The Story of Dawg Former Simpson

The Story of Dawg Former Simpson

From Mudassar Hussain

You my dawg former Simpson you always kept it 1000% but I seen plenty sneaker review Sneaker News mini sneaker whatever places

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You my dawg former Simpson you always kept it 1000% but I seen plenty sneaker review Sneaker News mini sneaker whatever places and they have I heard to the Grapevine Vine my boy told me that the leather on these are dope as hell sick you want to see closer pictures go on Google and type in 2020 fake Jordan 1 OG UNC obsidian and you will not agree with my man Simpson that's one of my dog's butt Otis and the video he did one thing that he does to all other shoes. 

But this one he didn't squeeze the toe box press hard kind of been there a little bit to show us the quality of the shoe a lot better he just rubbed his thumb up and down the sail colored mid-panel of tissue where the check is and really didn't press hard at all I personally think these have really good quality, for example, one of the most underrated probably the most underrated Jordan 1 that people slept on even hit the sales racks that's sad is that Jordan actually had meant there's a story behind that and the other was dope and a lot of people on YouTube that do this for a living took the soul Kush now and said. 

What the hell did they make this light blue why they make this color this why this and I mean shaking my head you do this for a living and you don't know that's Michael Jordan's first time first you guys hearing this number one first time ever he appeared on classic one of the first magazine Sports Illustrated I guarantee you everybody collected them or through the mail was sent a couple for you to sign up the Columbian BMG music member 10 CDs for the price of one it was like that but his first appearance on the iconic old school magazine and the one on the tongue on the top two piece of leather instead of just sold cheesecloth this is Nike Air this is a letter that goes around the whole thing very well put shoe and people thrash just like the Tinker Hatfield and Air Max ones all the idiots didn't like it because it didn't have Elephant Print here's a little Snapple Cat fun fact he got the best shorty one of the best fake Jordans out of many of course the three the way Tinker Hatfield wanted it to look like behind the tongue his signature sewed in this shoe is not supposed to have Alison Prince he took Tinker Hatfield probably to best sneaker ever made and put it into one he made the 3 look like the Air Max 1.....S..M..H..IDIOTS AND let's not forget the Jordan charity game or international flight 3 that leather was so smooth thick buttery soft tumbled leather that was 10 times better than the free-throw line Justin Timberlake with the white and with the black check what did Nike tab red way better Fender Katrina and many more but you see what high pistou to Hype it up and it takes these days somebody Emporium celebrity rapper to say yeah Jordan made these for me or a Jordan? Special collab with? Did you have the worst lover but if it's that Supreme, kaws, undefeated you get my point ETC....... 

here's a little more focused example of a hype beast disgusting shoe bought all these years so much money because of the hype beast 1.  are the (FAT CHECK'S) AKA BLAZER'S Sakai double tongue & THE Daybreak come, the off-white Nike recta I think straight garbage but the hype beast prices up there but then when the cement fours came out is sold out but it's sad to see an iconic sneaker that goes on sale under retail StockX those fours and the grey Force should be the two most expensive purchase and the resale price to the roof but new generation new rules you can get I thought I'd never say this Nike Air on the back Jordan Bred 4S under retail that said to me I'm out the 5000 pieces... 

Sorry for the novel I just call it how I see it and live it I love you OG for life it's in my DNA some sold out some kept it a real salute to the people that kept it official

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