The Soulfuel Sanctuary Project

The Soulfuel Sanctuary Project

From James Quinn

My name is Arwind Kumar. I am a content creator and have been a passionate Social Activist for the past 8 years.

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The vision of building a physical sanctuary was born after receiving hundreds of messages from people all over; parents, youths, teenagers, teachers, began sharing their troubles, mental struggles, challenges through the i-Careline initiative years ago, seeking solace and healing. It remained a vision, a dream, but is now in the midst of materializing into a reality into that which is; Soulfuel Sanctuary.

Soulfuel Sanctuary in its essence seeks to be an oasis of healing for all those who need without counting race, age or gender. It is an amalgamation of empowerment and transformation through mental, emotional and spiritual healthcare. So many of us have fallen into the pothole of depression and anxiety, making us feel empty and all it takes for us to come out of it, is to have someone or some place that acts as a support system to alleviate us from the struggles This very intention is what Soulfuel Sanctuary is being built with. A space that provides mental and emotional support for the ones who are desperate for it.

Let's make this haven into a physical reality

Yet, after exhausting most of our personal savings, funds and passing many milestones, Soulfuel Sanctuary is still in need of RM100,000 to make this haven into a physical reality. With your contributions, together we will be able to provide a space that hosts a myriad of activities such as yoga, meditation, workshops by health and spiritual professionals, as well as counselling sessions for all those who feel lost, confused and just needs a community to help them get through the challenging aspects of life.

Every aspect of Soulfuel Sanctuary has been planned with great thought and love as to how it will be able to give back to the community. From the greens that have been specifically placed to help those that walk in feel more calm and relaxed, thus decreasing levels of anxiety, to the earthly hues of brown and reds that help one feel grounded and rooted, every facet has been mapped out with so much of love and research.

Support us to to complete the tasks

With your collective support, we will be able to complete the undertaking of tasks such as:

・ Garden Landscaping

・ Painting Works

・ Flooring

・ Toilets

・ Gates & Doors

・ Cabinetry Works

・ Internal Sound System

・ Blinds & Curtains

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