Support Reporting on "The Real Border Fence"

Support Reporting on "The Real Border Fence"

From Roger Ogden

Raising money to cover expenses for trips along the border to report on the condition of the current border fence and the progress in constructing Trump's "Border Wall".

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I have been producing videos about the condition of the border fence mainly on the California and sometimes in Arizona for several months.  I live in San Diego.  In order to accelerate the effort and travel to border areas further outside of California, it would be useful to have some help paying travel expenses.  

YouTube has deleted my channel and banned me permanently and denied my appeal.  I think I was banned largely because these videos at the border were becoming too popular with an election year coming.  So, I will be posting these videos on Bitchute and Facebook at the links below:

The Real Border Fence - Bitchute Playlist

Patriot Fire - Facebook

Start of a 15 mile bollard fence in the Yuha Desert in California

NOTE:  Bitchute is a video distribution site that is fully committed to freedom of speech.  It makes use of a distributed, file-sharing technology, called "WebTorrent", which makes it much more difficult to put pressure on the owners to censor your video.  If you are interested in freedom of speech, create an account on Bitchute and start browsing, commenting and sharing videos of interest to you.  Of course, their service is not yet nearly as mature as YouTube, but it works pretty well and we can help make it grow.  

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