The Psalms 27:10 House

The Psalms 27:10 House

From Josh Ellis

I'm raising money to buy a house or build one for children entering the foster care system. This will give them a place to go with volunteers to get fed, new clothes and stay until a family is found.

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Friends, Here is the story for The Psalms 27:10 House.......My name is Josh Ellis and I'm the Director and Founder of The Psalms 27:10 House. I'm also a Photographer and an Educator................For starters I got this name from a verse in the Bible. Some kids are taken from their homes due to being abused, neglected, and not being taken care of the way they are supposed to. Psalms 27:10 quotes from the Bible..... "Though my father and mother forsake me,the Lord will receive me". If a parent doesn't have anything for their children, it means the parent or parents are forsaking them. The Lord will receive them. That means the Lord will take care of them. WE are the Lords helping hands. We're going to help take care of these children. We are the helping hands these kids need. We are their voices and we are the ones to show them that there's hope. Here is the story............ I was watching television and saw a movie where these children are taken from their homes and put in a police car. The parents were on drugs and didn't care what their kids did. The DCS workers and the police went into the home and took the kids to the DCS office and was placed in a juvenile center away from the other kids. The kids were crying and frightened. They didn't know why they were placed in a place like that. I know that some kids just go to a DCS office and stay there until the caseworkers find a foster home for them. Sometimes they sleep on a hard floor. Nobody to talk to..... How would you feel? My dream is to open up a house. The house would be for children transitioning from their homes to foster care. This way they could ease their way in. Once a caseworker brings that child to the house they would be welcomed with open arms. The kids may stay a night or may take a couple weeks for a place open up for the kids. The kids would come into the house and be allowed to shower, change into new clothes, have a volunteer to talk to for emotional support, etc. We want the house to feel like a house to them. We don't want it to feel like a center or some facility. It'll have a living room for them to come watch television, a full kitchen where they'll receive full meals, a bedroom with their own bed, a full back yard where they can go play or just go sit by a tree and talk to a volunteer or to be alone. We will make sure they have new clothes, their own tooth brush, brush, etc. We want them to feel loved and wanted. If it's during the school year the kids will get their school supplies form us if they're with us at that time. We will also have volunteers always on duty to help with homework and provide extra assistance as needed. Counselors will be in and out to talk to the children. We will also have picnics, go to the lake, to the park ,etc. Think.... This may be the only time they got to do these things. We want them to feel comfortable to talk to one of us. Something may have happened in these kids lives that was so traumatic that it'll take awhile for them to talk. We need to assure these kids they're safe and loved . At The Psalms 27:10 house there's hope and love around each corner. We're here to help transition kids into foster care and we're also here to help transition the kids back into their old homes. The Caseworker will schedule visits where the parent or parents to come visit with their child. This can be done in a private part of the house. Each house will have a DCS office. WE will be here as an option for DCS to bring kids to us until a home is found for these kiddos. We will have rooms where they'll sleep with their own beds, a room for art and activities, a visiting room where DCS will schedule a visit for the kids to see their parents, living room for social time, kitchen where all meals are prepared and kids will eat, 2 bathrooms... one for boys and one for girls. Outside we will have a place where kids can play ball, swing, slide, a sitting area where kids can talk to a volunteer, etc. We're doing this for the children. I'd love to have a house in every city in TN and NC. This is just a start. We just have to give the Lord time to work. Another thing I'd like to have is a couple Psalms 27:10 gyms in each state listed. The gyms will be to bring kids from the streets to the gym to be active. They'll be ballgames, a time for guests to come in such as police officers, etc to come and talk to the kids. The gym will be run by volunteers where we may schedule a day to camp, go on hikes, help our teens find work or have them help at the house/gym. We need to show them there's hope. Maybe you have a teen who has been told many of times their worthless and maybe their depressed and stay at home. This is how suicides happen. We need to show them there is hope. These kids are NOT worthless. We need to help lower the suicide rate. Our volunteers will be available to talk to these kids at anytime. The gym will be open to all children and teens. There will be NO charge. The kids may want to come and help out. We will let them if they want. All they want to do is feel wanted and needed. My mail goal right now is getting our first house purchased. I feel in my heart we can make this happen. Remember we are God's helping hands. We need to help his children. Let's bring The Psalm 27:10 House to life!! We can make it happen with your help. Every dollar raised will go toward this house purchase. Just think about all of the kids we can help. Kids of ALL ages! Gods children!! Children who need hope and LOVE. Come on TN and NC lets see what we can do. If we do it in TN and NC we can do it in other states! ALL OF GOD'S HELPING HANDS ON DECK! LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN. .........................THE PSALMS 27:10 HOUSE IS NOW RECOGNIZED BY THE STATE OF TN SECRETARY OF STATE. GOD IS SO GOOD! LET'S GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY!

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