The Program Web Series

The Program Web Series

From Christopher L. Sisney

My name is Christopher Sisney and I am a writer/director based in Houston. I have a web-series called The Program. It is an action/sci-fi/drama with a strong female lead. We are hoping to continue the series further.

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The Program overview


Amanda has a past that she wants to remain buried... but THE PROGRAM has other plans.


Amanda, also known as Alpha, is the subject of a bio-engineered experiment by a clandestine governmental entity known as The Program. She escaped 8 years ago and has lived an unassuming life... until the group discovers her whereabouts and wants her to return to the fold.

Episode 1.01 synopsis:

Amanda, an unassuming secretary, has been having haunting visions of her past being trained as a bio-engineered assassin from a young age. Having escaped the facility known as The Program, she believes her life can begin anew. She soon discovers that the group has hunted her down and its mysterious leader, Omega, wants her back into the organization for good. She attempts to free herself from her captors, once again, but ultimately fails.

Episode 1.01:


Episode 1.02 synopsis:

Having been drugged and quarantined by the group, Amanda must survive grueling torture and intimidation tactics in a desperate bid for survival. She is reunited by old rivals and acquaintances within the Program and rediscovers secrets that have been buried deep within her past.

This series is a personal project for me as the writer and director. I love drama stories with a bit of sci-fi and action with it. I want the action to add to the overall narrative, not be the central focus. I want to see more action based films and short films set in Houston. It's a big and diverse city that has an untapped market for film and story telling. 

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