The people's F35

The people's F35

From Elliot Wilson

Let's update today's militias. See below more more info.

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Thanks to the ingenious foresight of our forefathers, the 2 Amendment protects our right to create a well-organized militia to keep our government’s powers in check. Unfortunately, muskets and pitchforks no longer provide the needed strength to empower our militias against the might of the US war machine.  Furthermore as it has become evident that our politicians and news media have increasingly moved away from objective reasoning, updating weaponry for the 21 century militia has never been more pressing.

A F-35 is clearly the correct choice.

Below is an itemized list of the costs associated with this purchase.

$95,000,000 – F-35 Fighter Jet

$5,000,000 – F-35 Fighter Jet Hangar

$6,000,000 – General Upkeep and fuel (annual cost)

$2,000,000 – Pilot training

$16,500,000 – Lobbying Funds *

$500,000 – Development of App

Interested in investing in this purchase?  A potential source of money would be the selling of assault rifles and other outdated weaponry. Currently you can get 600$ for your AK47.   This has two benefits to consider:

1.        It brings us closer to actually having the weaponry needed to fight back.

2.       Seeding America’s NRA Youth. The people who will buy your outdated weaponry need a more tangible expression of their desire to take their security into their own hands.  Eventually they will see that only F-35s will truly make a strong militia.  But that is ok, education takes time, and their new AK-47 will help them take that next step.

So you are asking yourself whether you will be able to fly this F-35 if you donate?  Unfortunately because of the cost, people who have not completed the extensive training will not be allowed to fly the jet.  Also, 2 seaters of the F-35 do not exist yet. Investors will instead have the ability to put their name into a hat and be able to direct the pilot as they see fit for that day, when their name is drawn.  Additionally each investor who donates at the 6,000 dollar level will get (2) per lifetime emergency call-ins, where the fighter jet will immediately halt its current mission and fly to your location.  A convenient app will be developed to allow users to communicate with the pilot, including features for lat/long targeting.

What if we don’t get enough money?  Well, since in this day and age there really is no option but “go big or go home” we will return your funds if we're unable to meet our goal of $125,000,000. If you had  sold your AK47 to make your donation then perhaps you can use the money we return to you to take a kid out to a movie or spend some time with them, or perhaps invest it into education in your self or others in hope to create a more compassionate and knowledgeable electorate.  For if we don't have a means to fight back, working the system from within might be our only option to keep the system incheck.  

 *F-35 are currently only available to nation states that the USA approves.  Lobbying/legal funds are necessary to bring this issue to the supreme court and restore our Constitutional rights.   

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