The People’s Discount Buying Club

The People’s Discount Buying Club


To anyone who values people, planet and peace over profits… let's create a People's Discount Buying Club & negotiate for lower drug prices as a group. Together we will qualify for deeper discounts than the healthcare...

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More Info believes that Healthcare is a human right. But sadly,  drug costs are rising at an unsustainable rate which is driving up health insurance costs faster than wages are rising.  For these reasons, the ranks of uninsured are growing fast and medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the U.S.  Unless drug prices can be contained in the near-term, healthcare will soon be a luxury reserved only for the wealthy. understands these challenges and, working in solidarity with the 99%, has a plan to reduce drug and healthcare costs” in three ways:

  • The “PHIERSale volume discount buying club” will use the collective buying power of its members to negotiate for lower drug prices as a group.  This is the first step in reducing health insurance costs - because the more who join, the bigger the savings!
  • We will raise awareness about FDA-approved alternatives to blockbuster drugs through an online marketplace, built in collaboration with the academic research community. This will increase competition, drive down drug costs and help protect our members from price gouging and drug shortages.
  • Finally, we will offer these benefits, free of charge, to all who join - to compete with the profit-driven plans, and drive down insurance costs for everyone.

Together, we will have more buying power than the largest private insurance company.  Because we don’t and won’t have shareholders, the savings will be passed on to our members.

This is the first step in making healthcare for all a near term reality, which will overcome many of the issues which currently divide us.

After all, we all need healthcare, right?  

We can be up and running within 3 months after reaching our $1 membership drive and Phase I fundraising goals.

Most importantly... This plan can reduce the influence of money in politics, because we will promote vendors who value people more than profits -  and subsequently increase competition.  This will level the playing field and reduce costs enough to care for more people, which will encourage Congress to honor their commitment to constituents.  


Our goal is to attract ~just~ 10% of our nation’s 120 million Rx consumers to participate in our membership drive.  This will boost our buying power, help bring drug prices under control , all while reminding our elected officials who they are working for (“We the People”… and not corporations).  Our success will prove that Healthcare for All is not as difficult to achieve as we’ve been led to believe, making it an issue that will finally be properly addressed in the upcoming midterm elections. Please support this program by donating $1 to show that the power of the people is stronger than the people in power.

As mentioned, we expect to launch this marketplace within 3 months after reaching our membership drive and fundraising goals.

To learn more about the benefits of being a PHIERSale member, click here

Like the phoenix from the ashes (the inequities of the GOP tax bill) we rise.

 Thank you.

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