The Peace Hub

The Peace Hub

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Creating Peace. Together. ThePeaceHub is a Medellín based NGO that connects PeaceMakers (artists, businesswomen, and organisations) with experts, resources, and international networks.

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7in7 is partnering with The Peace Hub to help 7 (we love this number!) amazing organizations (PeaceMakers) in Medellín Colombia. We had a volunteer team of 40+ 7in7ers meet with the PeaceMakers for a day to learn about and understand their needs. From building safe spaces to education and giving children creative outlets to preventing crime in their community - each of these 7 organizations are making a huge impact in their neighbourhoods. To continue growing they need our support. Here's how we can make a BIG difference....

How we can help!

7 organizations with big dreams that change thousands of lives in Medellín, Colombia. Your donations will go directly to the operations of these organizations. From paying rent for the Sueños de Papel library to sponsoring dancers from Union Latina each one of these organizations has goals within sight but need our support to see them realized. Each week for the next seven weeks we'll be highlighting one of the PeaceMakers and talking about their specific goals. 


Unión Latina

Unión Latina is a Cultural Corporation born in the commune of Medellín, dedicated to transforming lives through art.

In its 13 years, the Unión Latina family has impacted the lives of more than 1500 children and young people in the popular neighborhoods of Medellín. Through training in the arts, we generate unique cultural experiences that make you fall in love. Impacting the whole city.

Thanks to the founder, Yoiner Machado, the violence in the neighbourhood has decreased a lot. Back in 2000 nobody could go to visit the neighbourhood but now anybody can visit safely.

The greatest challenge Unión Latina has at the moment is to grant an income to the elite dance team, these dancers are the ones who are performing professionally. Due to their talent they are generating revenue for Unión Latina, but it's not enough to keep a payroll for the group.

It is necessary to create a motivation for the dancers in order to keep them involved in the project as some of them are already getting offers to join other companies that will pay them a salary. We want them to be the teachers and the inspiration for the young ones.

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