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Mingo is a sweet little boy with a growing tumor on his face. He also has a mental condition but it’s hard to know because Mingo has never been seen by a doctor. Will you help?

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About Me

I'm Denisse Montalvan, founder and director of The Orphaned Earring. I recently visited Guatemala to celebrate the Quinceaneras of 3 adorable young girls from the orphanage we support and to finally meet in-person over 25 indigenous families we also support with food and clothes on a monthly basis. 

I was prepared to see poverty and knew it was going to be emotionally draining but my heart was not ready to meet Mingo, a little boy with a tumor on his face. 

Although supporting or funding surgeries is not part of our mission, how can I turn my back to this little boy? 

Please read his story below and I invite you to be a friend to Mingo.  

Feel free to contact me anytime:

More Info

My Sweet Mingo

Mingo is a sweet little boy who urgently needs help. He has born with a tumor on his face that continues to grow and probably also has a mental condition, but it’s hard to know because Mingo has never been seen by a doctor.

Living Conditions

He lives in terrible conditions with his family in the mountains of Guatemala and is left alone all day because his parents and siblings must work the land. He can’t speak or feed himself and is not potty trained so being left alone results in injuries and creates an insanitary condition that can only further endanger his health.

Mingo's Family

His condition brings shame and ridicule to his family so he’s not allowed to go outside and when they do take him out, they cover him from head-to-toe with a sack-like carrier so no one can see him. Although I was initially disturbed by this I had to understand that that’s their indigenous culture and consequence of the lack of education.

Mingo’s parents are illiterate and they’re not even sure of when Mingo was exactly born or how old he is. They initially said Mingo was 3 years old but we estimate Mingo is about 5 or 6 years old. 

Meeting Mingo 

I heard of Mingo's condition and asked to see him so while we visited a school in the mountains his parents brought him to the school. When I met Mingo he smelled like urine and was very dirty. He was barefoot, shaved head and was not responsive to my caresses, kisses or games, he only wanted to make sounds, clap and wonder off. I knew right away that he was in great need of not only medical attention, he needs the basic items.

I spoke to his parents and they want us to help Mingo and are willing to leave the mountain and go to Guatemala City to get the help Mingo needs. We’re making calls and trying to find a pediatrician that will see Mingo without charging us and we're confident we will find one. That’s step one.

What We Need - Please Help

With all the responsibilities The Orphaned Earring already has of supporting over 300 other children, we don’t have the funds to cover all the costs involved of taking this family to Guatemala City. Mingo doesn’t even have shoes so we need to get him shoes and clothes for his trip. We also need to provide clothes and shoes to his parents and cover transportation costs as well as food.

I’m acting by faith. I don’t know what he needs or what will result be from his medical visit, but I can’t abandon this child innocent child. Mingo is a defenseless baby.

Please help us raise the funds to help Mingo remove the tumor and create a better living condition for him. I have people in Guatemala ready to donate their time and a nurse who is willing to dedicate the time to slowly educate Mingo's parents, all we need is the money to start this project.

Please help improve Mingo’s quality of life.

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