The nightmare isn't over just because I survived

The nightmare isn't over just because I survived

From Chelsea Newland

3 years ago I barely escaped being auctioned/trafficked and fled WA on the first available red-eye flight. Since that earth shattering day, I have been in/out of DV shelters/mental rehabs/endless forms of trauma therapy:

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I'm going to be pretty raw/vulnerable right now and ask for some help. I am a single 33 year old female who suffers from Complex PTSD/Anxiety & Depression, from a life of sporadically traumatic events- most recent being a trafficking survivor. I was almost auctioned about 3 years ago at a hotel down by the SeaTac Airport, but thankfully was able to get away. I moved from Washington the next day and started & completed an intense, trauma-based therapy DV shelter called Stepping Stones, in Prescott Valley, Arizona, where I lived for a total of 5 months. From there I came back to Washington and resided at the REST (Real Escape From the Sex Trade) shelter for a total of 4 months, while they helped me with resources (mental health, financial, academic, etc.) and was able to move independently into my first studio apartment in 5 years. I was making leaps and bounds it seemed, at least while I had had the advocates round the clock to speak with any time I was triggered & needed someone to ground me, and I found that unfortunately, living independently, while an exciting feat, was a hard slap of reality. Compounded with my traumas, I suffered in big ways, both in my ability to keep jobs, function in society without fear, and overall mental health issues. I made it through that lease thanks to RESTs help, and towards the end managed to find a nice man, and we tried to start a family, in a new house here in Shoreline. This unfortunately ended when I had a miscarriage last year and my lease was up on Nov 30th, 2022. I saved and got an rv which I think in the big picture, will make me far more comfortable in life, being able to leave a location if I don’t feel safe… but it needs some work before I can live in it full time, so I am currently, thanks to my landlord, been allotted extra time for my RV repairs. I'm $95 away from having the parts necessary, and probably a couple hundred away for the labor to fix the wheel/tire/strut (passenger rear side tires flew off on the freeway last year). I've been trying to do odd jobs here and there, and am waiting for my background check to come back for a job I've been tentatively offered, however my landlord has officially given me 14 days to vacate.  I thought I'd give it a shot asking the community for help. They say that sometimes, it takes a village. I would be so, so appreciative of any help you all could assist me with, if at all possible.

Thank you so very, very much...


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