The Nakato Project

The Nakato Project

From Ruesion Lyons

I'm raising money for an Orphanage of 100+ kids in Uganda. All monies will go towards the purchases of land, classrooms, kitchen, tuition, healthcare, well being dug, clothing and food for the kids.

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My name is Ruesion Lyons and I am partnering with Julie Nakato to turnaround the dilapidated conditions of the children at her orphanage. We are currently supporting 100 plus orphans/ abandoned children on limited resources. The housing is not accommodatable or suitable to live in and their school is less than adequate(seen above), suitable kitchen area(seen above), is very much so in dire need of a new buildings(seen above). 


My ministry is all about helping others and being a good steward and a servant. We have been blessed to have adequate housing and food to eat. There are days these 100 orphans have nothing at all, and they starve and the water they drink is filthy and dirty. Therefore, they stay with malaria and other diseases. I know I cannot do this alone and I am reaching out to you all to help me with this vision to just save who we can. We will also help in the upgrade to their church which is in need of some repairs

We need to buy land to build dormitories, tuition, school fees, teacher salaries, beds and bedding, school, and a better living facility to help her change the direction of those she and her family cares for. The school will help foster a better educational environment for the orphans and any surplus can be used to build a medical facility for their orphanage.

I will be traveling to Uganda very soon and need to raise money to implement these projects and facilitate the completion.

$95,000 total goal


There are currently 100 plus orphans/ abandoned children under Julie Nakato’s care and Ruesion Lyons Ministries who need to be sent to school, fed, clothed, provided with medical assistance and shelter. Leaving them without help means putting them at risk of starvation, disease, and sexual exploits, as they are not guaranteed basic rights. The help you give and the solidification of being involved with our ministries in the states will help ensure to some degree that all will stay intact.  This project will affect more than 100 plus orphaned Ugandan children. 

At the start of each term, they face a crisis in that we do not have the money to pay the school fees, short on food, sleeping on dirt floors with a cardboard pictured above, constant illness of children (mainly Malaria). Increase in orphans over the last months. There is just a total lack of support for these children. We send what we can to assist, however, it takes a village to help change the lives of these orphans.

This project, in full, would raise the resources to build their own dormitories, school, pay for the teachers and other school expenses, dig a well for fresh water, build medical facility, and also support the orphanage.

Our aim is to reassure the needs of the orphanage are met, solidify new land for everything that is needed for them to become self-sufficient as we teach entrepreneurial skills sets throughout the year to the women in ministry and the orphans they serve. 

Through close monitoring of activities, we will give updates to all donors. My ministry is 501C 3 Certified and as you know all donations are tax write offs.

Long-Term Impact

The project will educate more than 100 plus orphans allowing them to rise out of poverty, which will provide for their families' health and well-being. The school would continue for future cohorts. We will also will be doing entrepreneurial training for the women to become self sustaining through farming the land, sewing, and other vo-technical skills and most of all give them The Word which will feed the mind, body and soul.

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