The most emotionally zodiac signs

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Every Zodiac sign has unique personality traits. For example, Cancers are sensitive, Taureans are down to earth, Sagittarians are optimistic. Usually, people are affected by their sun sign, moon sign, and their rising sign. Whereas the sun sign represents your core characteristics and the moon sign represents your inner world and its properties, the rising sign is all about how you present yourself to the world. So, your personality is not just shaped by your sun sign! If you’re a Taurus but don’t really feel like a true Bull, maybe you’re more affected by your rising sun and your moon sign?

Astrology can also tell about how you experience emotions. Some signs are super passionate — their temper is explosive! Some signs are calm and quiet, and it’s hard to make them mad. Some signs are somewhere in between. So, what is true for your Zodiac sign? What is your strongest emotion, and how do you express it?

For example, Aries is of one the most emotional signs, and their emotions tend to be… quite dangerous for those who are unlucky to be around. Aries people lose their temper pretty fast (don’t you dare to be mean to them or betray them), and they turn into an exploding volcano as if by magic.

Cancer is one of the most family-oriented signs of the Zodiac. They’re sensitive, they often think about their past, and it may be pretty hard for them to share their emotions with others.

Leo’s emotions are usually pretty intense. In fact, they are so intense, they sometimes may be scary. However, Lions may find it difficult to care about the feelings of others.

So, what is your sign’s emotion? Is it anger, sadness, joy, or something else — something more complex? Which Zodiac sign is the strongest emotionally? Astrology can tell you everything you need to know!

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