The Modern American Party Investment Round!

The Modern American Party Investment Round!

From Wyatt Knight

We are raising money to continue to grow The Modern American Party - America’s 21st Century political party. Exhausted by the current political stalemate? So are we! Let’s be a part of the solution.

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Hey fellow engaged Americans!

As a registered 527 Organization, The Modern American Party is ready to take the next step to be a part of the solution. With over 40% of Americans registered independents, and 70%(!!) of millennials believing it is time for a new political party....the time is now to make a difference! 

How do we work? Simple...

1. We partner with genuine, passionate, determined leaders who are focused on running and serving in office to make the world a better place.

2. We vet out each candidate through a highly engaged process focused around MAP’s 5 Values System: Tolerance, Transparency, Resiliency, Equality of Opportunity and Freedom. Candidate makes it through the vetting process...ONWARDS WE GO!

3. We build an innovative, engaging, thoughtful platform around each candidate. We do not subject candidates to party lines, rather we support each candidates unique ideas, policies & legislation that will empower their respective constituents. We guide the candidates along each stage - grassroots, fundraising, social media, election - and support them in whatever is needed to make the world a better place.

We do not point fingers, we solve problems.

Get involved at and @themodernamerican

Investment Focus:

We are raising 18K for the following: 

1. Media Placement: 10.5K to partner with the best media placement service in the game. It is time to get out into the media and offer a fresh, innovative, positive perspective on American politics. This partnership is 3.5K/monthly and will allow us to be on 3-6 major national news outlets monthly!

2. Legal Fees: 7.5K in legal fees have added up to get us up and running as a 527 Organization! Gotta pay “the man!”

Be the change! ✌️❤️

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