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The Miles Forward Group

From Sean McCollum

Im raising funds for Survivors and victims of narcissistic abuse. There are millions of current victims, and survivors of narcissistic abuse. (

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I came to the realization that I had been victimized by a narcissist for six years. Just like many others I had no idea what was occurring to me while the abuse was happening. Since that day, I have been trying to bring awareness to this cause, my own, and expose the disorder for how truly dangerous the people with the disorder are. So here we are.

There was no help. I was apart of numerous support groups, and no one had an answer for us. To be frank, no one was helping me and MY children, and sitting by and reading stories of parents not seeing their children for months and even years was not sitting well. I figured out just how little help was available, and it was heartbreaking. Having people look at you as if you were completely out of your mind while trying to explain what occurred became too much.

This is one of the key elements to their cycles. Unless you have been a victim of the abuse yourself, or know of someone who has, you probably wouldn’t believe it either. A true narcissist lacks empathy. They may act a certain way in public, but this is not who they truly are. The fact is that they don’t care about anyone or anything but themselves, and this is a dangerous combination for an adult. When a child doesn’t get their way, an adult step in and explains why. The child will then learn how to behave. Narcissistic people did not have this growing up. Either due to neglect, or by being allowed to do whatever they want (spoiled). Would you eat spoiled food? Neither would anyone else who was aware. Spoiling a child is not okay. This is also abuse, and some parents don’t realize what they are creating by allowing this to occur with their child. These children grow up physically, but not emotionally. When a narcissist does not get their way, people get hurt! More importantly children get hurt!

The process of coming to terms of what happened to you is a long one. I have read stories of people being unaware for decades until they did research, or just had enough. I refer to it as the fog.

When I finally came out of the fog I felt betrayed, I felt relieved that it wasn’t in my head, and finally, terrified for my child! Imagine anger, relief and fear all in 10 seconds about a person you share a child with. This is the survivors reality, and you will hear this over, and over, and over again. Its an awful feeling when you realize a partner did this to you, but to include children is unacceptable. No unsuspecting parent or child should ever go through what my child and I did. Exposure of the disorder is our only hope to stop the cycle. We are no longer victims. We are SURVIVORS.

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