The Justice For Marvin Louis Guy! Legal Defense Fund

The Justice For Marvin Louis Guy! Legal Defense Fund

From Pastor Nick Gentile

I'm raising money to secure proper legal defense/representation for Marvin Louis Guy. I provide a lot of information about Marvin's case in the "More Info" section below. Visit:

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More Info

Hello. I'm Pastor Nick Gentile. 

Here are links to the Free Marvin Louis Guy! Website and Facebook Page:

My name is Nick Gentile. I'm a Pastor, who serves and lives in Rochester, NY. By The Grace of The Lord Jesus Christ, I've created this crowdfunding campaign in order to raise funds for Marvin Louis Guy's Legal Defense to rectify a grave miscarriage of justice that has been committed against an innocent man!

Marvin was the target/victim of a No-Knock Raid/Warrant in the early morning hours (5:30-45 AM) on May 9, 2014 when his apartment was raided by the Killeen Police Department and members of the Bell County Organized Crime Unit (BOCU). Marvin was woken out of sound sleep not knowing it was the police because they neither knocked or announced themselves, but rather thinking it was someone breaking into his apartment to do harm to him and his girlfriend who was asleep in the back of the apartment. 

In response, Marvin opened fire to protect himself and girlfriend. When the police returned fire, Marvin, who was in the his bedroom in the front of the apartment, threw down his firearms and fled out of the back door of his apartment and when he opened the door he was met by the police who were yelling commands at him and shining their flashlights in his eyes. He realized it was the police because of their flashlights and it was them that he unintentionally opened fire on and immediately surrendered. 

It is undisputed that he was unarmed at the time of his arrest as they found his weapons in his room at the front of the apartment. Multiple law enforcement officers on the scene held their guns on Mr. Guy while Detective Juan Obregon of the Killeen Police Department took Mr. Guy into custody. 

According to Detective Obregon's supplemental report, he ordered Mr. Guy to put his hands in the air as he came out the door. Mr. Guy complied. With his empty hands in the air, Mr. Guy "jumped on the ground face first when he came out." 

Exhibit 1: Marvin crawled towards the officers as Detective Obregon instructed. According to Detective Obregon, he then "grabbed [Mr. Guy] by the shorts and pulled him further around the corner [of the house]," where he held him facedown with his knee into Mr. Guy's back. While Mr. Guy was on the ground, Detective Obregon restrained him with handcuffs. 

Exhibit 2: Detective Obregon had his gun already drawn and pointed at Marvin as he directed him towards the ground and held him facedown, pinning him to the ground. Detective Obregon then put his gun to Marvin's head and yelled, "IF YOU MOVE, I WILL KILL YOU! DON'T YOU FUCKING MOVE! WHO IS INSIDE WHO SHOT? FUCKING TELL ME NOW!

As he held Marvin down with his knees in his back, Detective Obregon noticed that Marvin was struggling to breathe, so he "removed [his] body from his back." Detective Obregon kept his gun to Marvin's head and yelled "MOVE AND I'LL KILL YOU. WHERE IS THE GUN WHO ELSE IS INSIDE." 

Detective Obregon proceeded to strike Marvin in the mouth with his pistol. Obregon claimed he didn't hit Marvin hard enough to leave any visible marks but admitted that he did shove his pistol in his mouth. 

When Detective Obregon shoved the barrel of his gun in Marvin's mouth, he noticed Marvin throw up so he removed the barrel of his pistol and again held it to the side of Mr. Guy's head, yelling, "YOU MOTHERFUCKER WHO SHOT? DID YOU SHOOT? WHO ELSE IS INSIDE." 

There is much more to the story, but you get the idea. As you just read, Marvin is a clear cut victim of Police Brutality. In addition, Marvin has been in jail for 6 1/2 years without a trial. This is violation of Marvin's 6th Amendment right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed. In this case, Killeen, Texas which is located in Bell County, in Central Texas. 

Now, what led me to create this campaign of Justice is interesting

In March of 2016, I discovered the story of Marvin Louis Guy in the comment section of a YouTube video about a young black man named Jonathan Ferrell, who was unjustly killed by police in North Carolina in 2013. After reading the comment, I googled Marvin's name and found a petition (which no longer exists) that was created with the purpose of galvanizing the public to sign the petition in order for Marvin to receive justice. 

After reading the petition, I decided, as a video producer, to create a video with the same intent/desire/motive in mind.

Here's a link to the video I created:

Here are links to news articles written about Marvin's case:

I wrote a letter to Marvin shortly after making the video and he responded weeks later and we've been communicating ever since. 

The way we've communicated over the last 2 1/2 years, in particular, is over the phone. I've recorded several calls from Marvin, turned them into videos, and uploaded them to Marvin's website and Facebook page. Here they are:

Here's a link to Marvin's Legal Documents on his website:

Here's a news story run by KWTX News 10 in Texas about Marvin's case. They reporter, Chelsea Edwards, contacted me and asked if she could use some of the audio soundbites from Marvin's phone recordings I've collected for a news story she was going to run for the 5th Anniversary of Marvin's arrest. Of course I agreed and here's the news story:

Here's a Facebook live video I made where I raise awareness about Marvin's case and make a passionate plea for people to help Marvin receive Justice and Freedom:

Please take a look at the links I've included and consider helping Marvin by donating to this legal defense fund.

At the time, I didn't know Marvin from Adam, but I knew an unjust situation when I saw one, and Marvin's is the epitome of just such a situation. I knew I had to do everything I can to help him receive Justice. 

That zeal or passion has only increased over time, especially after connecting with Marvin and communicating with him both in writing and over the phone, which has happened because of the money that I've been able to put into his online account on several occasions, by The Lord's Grace. Even though there have been gaps in our phone communication, we've stayed connected by writing to one another. Then, we finally reconnected over the phone in mid-June.

Ultimately, I know that Marvin's case is one of life and death as he is facing the death penalty. If I was an attorney, I wouldn't hesitate to defend him, but I'm not, so I'm doing everything I can to help secure good representation for Marvin; which is going to cost a lot of money.

Based on all available evidence, including Marvin's entire case file, and the consistency of Marvin's testimony, I believe that Marvin is innocent; however, my goal is to fight for him to receive a fair trial and to have good, legal representation. Which is the purpose of this Fundraising/Crowdfunding campaign. 

I will not stop fighting for him to receive Justice.

Thank you for your attention this matter.

Christ bless you and keep you,

Pastor Nick Gentile

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