The importance of coloring pages - Varityskuvat

The importance of coloring pages - Varityskuvat

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Coloring drawings is as natural an activity for children as sleeping and crying.

Much more than random shapes, monochromatic colorings, or almost illegible scribbles, the act of coloring is extremely important for artists of span and a half, encouraging the development of several essential skills.


Today I bring some benefits of coloring pages on Värityskuvat that are developed through free drawings or those with a theme.

personal expression

Drawing and coloring are forms of personal expression par excellence for children, who are not always able to express themselves adequately through speech or writing.

Several studies have already proven that it is quite easy to understand what someone is feeling through the images they draw or the colors they use to color.

For example, a child who draws knives, pistols, skulls, or other disturbing objects may be asking for help.

So on the other hand, a child who draws the sun, birds, hearts, or other joyful objects may be expressing their joy.

So it's an excellent exercise to develop personalities and let your creativity flow!

Color identification

Most children have their first (and often only!) exposure to the color wheel and concept art, thanks to children's play with crayons, crayons, and markers. 

Learning to distinguish different colors early on is halfway to understanding their various and correct applications, as well as possible mixing between primary and secondary colors later on.

a form of therapy

Above all, the simple act of coloring can be therapeutic for many children and is an activity used in many hospitals, learning centers, and institutions to allow the “discharge” of emotions, feelings, and frustrations.

We know that an angry child can perfectly paint his picture of a tree all black, to the point that the figure itself is no longer visible. 

However, from another perspective, an organized child, who likes things his way, can color his drawing meticulously, without crossing any lines of it. 

Regardless of how you color or draw, this is a great way to calm the kids down.

Learning to hold and control

A crayon is, for many children, the first object they learn to hold and control.

 Mastering a crayon is the launchpad for mastering the remaining coloring tools – crayons, markers, brushes – and, later, writing tools – pen and pencil.

The better developed your skills are to hold and control a crayon, the easier it will be for you to learn later when you start to write.

coordinate to paint

Developing hand-eye coordination is another great lesson children learn from their coloring sessions. 

From firmly holding the crayon or crayon, to recognizing the colors that should be used, to the act of sharpening the pencils, the truth is that coloring drawings imply enormous coordination between the eyes and the hands. 

The more you practice, the more you will develop this very basic aptitude for life.

Improvement of motor skills

Coloring is fun, isn't it? So it is! But it is also much more than that – while children are having fun coloring, interacting with markers, paints, crayons, crayons, and paper, they are working and strengthening the muscles of their hands. 

Coloring requires basic coordination and joint effort between the arm and hand muscles which, once developed, will allow children to perform more demanding activities, but with minimal difficulty.

maximum concentration

Children who dedicate themselves 100% to coloring their drawings do it perfectly: there is no space left unfilled, no line that has been crossed! Why is coloring so important?

The simple act of coloring can hold a child's attention, stimulating their maximum concentration, even in the face of a noisy environment such as a classroom or the kitchen before dinner time. 

Over time, your concentration levels will continue to improve.

set limits

A younger child won't know how to respect the lines of his drawing as well as an older child who already makes a huge effort to color inside them... but he gets there soon! 

And still good! Recognizing and respecting these limits (even if they are those of a drawing!) is an excellent experience and learning method for what follows: writing letters and numbers in the lines of a notebook!

The satisfaction and smile on the face of any child who can color an entire drawing within the lines is a very important victory for the little ones! 

The sense of fulfillment, that anything is possible, is fundamental for children because it gives them reasons to feel proud, capable, confident, and, of course, to be congratulated by their immediate community.

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