The Hollywood Beauty Detective

The Hollywood Beauty Detective

From Holly Fulger

To complete my first season of my new show, The Hollywood Beauty Detective.

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Update #2

almost 4 years ago

We are going strong. We begin shooting in May, scripts are written and we are starting preproduction!!!

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Hi, my name is Holly Fulger and I need your help to create my new series The Hollywood Beauty Detective. We shot our intro in June with a crew who believed in the idea. They all worked for free. We shot on a Sunday for roughly 10 hours. All equipment was borrowed, all time volunteered, and each person was helping get the idea ofThe Hollywood Beauty Detective out to the world. I could never have accomplished this without them. Please take a look at our Hollywood Beauty Detective Intro. It will give you some insight into the show.

As The Hollywood Beauty Detective my mission will be to reclaim and reframe beauty. As a character and a series, The Hollywood Beauty Detective is my way of opening up the conversation about beauty and helping to create a more inclusive definition. I've been an actress in Hollywood for over twenty years. I'm not a famous movie star but a working actress who has experienced first-hand how one’s looks can dictate one’s career. It’s been one of the things that has fueled me, plagued me and stood in my way; Do I look right? Can I work in a profession that is all about looks? And most recently; can I work in a profession as a woman over 50?

I am so aware of the pressure the media puts on girls and women. I see it with my own daughter and I have obviously experienced it myself. 

I believe that The Hollywood Beauty Detective can change this. We don't need to give in to how the media tells us we’re supposed to be, look, or act. By discovering and accepting what other people find beautiful, we can shift our paradigm of beauty.  I am inviting you to help make this happen. 

One of my inspirations for the Beauty Detective has been Anthony Bourdain and his CNN series Parts Unknown. I love the way he travels the world, exploring indigenous foods and recipes. I want to do that with beauty. We can travel to different cities in the US (aren’t women in Orange County, California, very different from women in Seattle, Washington?), and to different countries, experiencing different cultures and different views on beauty. What does beauty mean to people? What is beautiful to different cultural groups? What do we do to achieve beauty and why?

We'll start the series here in Hollywood, because,  let’s face it, beauty is such an obsession here, what better place to start?

Haven’t you always wanted to make a difference? Haven’t you always wanted to be part of a project that affects a change in consciousness for the better? Here is your chance. Come and explore this with me and be a part of this shift in consciousness.

Think about it: we live in a culture where the media dictates how we should look with images of women that aren't even real. The average American teenager will have seen over 250,000 commercial ads by age 17. 

It's just as bad as we get older because we really don't want women getting old in our culture. The media continues to correlate youth with beauty, ultimately putting aging women in a no-win situation. The message to women is to look youthful and perfect, but when they do what it takes to reach that standard, we mock them and judge them.

By expanding and understanding beauty from one anothers’ perceptions, not only can we change the way we look at beauty, we can empower one another and change the world. I want to give every woman permission to be beautiful and to express that in any way she wants.

When I say we, I mean we. I created this, but I had an amazing crew who helped me make my vision become real - and my crew worked for free because they believed in the idea. The cost of everything else (equipment rental, wardrobe, graphic designer, and all other production costs) has been 100% self funded by me.

To complete Season 1, I am humbly asking for your help. We’re not asking for a budget for lots of frills…just enough to rent equipment, get our locations, and have enough to make sure the crew gets lunch, and gets paid a little something so they can survive. I can’t do this alone. I wish I could, but I can’t. The artists that we have assembled need to be able to pay their bills. Working for free is no longer an option. To truly say what we want to say, we need your help.

Crew (from top left)

2nd AC: Tristan Copeland, Director: Justin Purser, Sound: Stephen Halbert, Makeup: Melissa McNamara, Stephanie Holt, PA: Tara Windley, Millie the Dog (in Tara's arms) as herself, Producer, Craft Service, Script, etc,: Karen Montgomery, Hair: Ernesto Estrada, 1st AC: Chad Nagel, DP :Ari Davidson

Not Pictured: 

Assistant Producer: Michael Rocco, Editor: Katie Covell, Key Grip: Edward Selerno Jr., Gaffer: Benjamin Dell, Photographer, Friend, and Zen Master: David Armstrong

We budgeted each episode at about 4K - some may need a little more, some a little less. This money goes to cameras, lights, sound equipment, hard drives to store footage on, locations, food, post-production, all the variables of filmmaking, and our crew. 

·  Crew

·  Camera Equipment

·  Lighting Equipment

·  Sound Equipment

·  Music

·  Craft Service

·  Makeup/Hair/Wardrobe

·  Production Design

·  Locations

·  Post Production

·  Web Design & Creation For The Hollywood Beauty Detective Host Site

·  Publicity/Marketing Costs

YouTube and the Internet offer an amazing platform for important, creative, and wildly interesting work. And the potential and reach is huge.

People are replacing TV with the Internet because it gives you control over the content, the opportunity for interaction and participation in the information flow, and the ability to research and find the content you desire and personalize it for yourself. Once watched, your video can be viewed repeatedly and saved as a favorite video. This personalization of one’s own “TV station” is truly the way of the future.

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Holly Fulger posted a new update:
almost 4 years ago

Update #2

We are going strong. We begin shooting in May, scripts are written and we are starting preproduction!!!

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Holly Fulger posted a new update:
about 4 years ago

Update #1

Dear All, continuing #TheHollywoodBeautyDetective on #Fundly to reach 100%!! Please join us and #reframe #beauty.

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