The Helper That Needs Help

The Helper That Needs Help

From Savion Brownfire

Good Day Currently having a financial hardship and no one to ask for help. This has been the toughest time of my life, and I'm just trying to stay Afloat, while still feeling stuck at sea. Need help with bills. ♥️

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Good Day

My name is Savion. I'm nervous. I've never had to ask for help before, simply because I don't know how to ask for help. I've always been the giver, never the receiver. I also just felt no one would be in position to help me. So I do a lot of suffering in silence and have no where to turn too. I'm calling out for help, while feeling no one would be on the receiving end to answer. These are difficult times, I know someone out there has it worse than me, in which someone else has it worse than them, so I'm humble, but I'm hurting.

I'm attempting to raise funds, to simply help me get my life back together. It's much I need, but anything will help. Im just really having a hard time getting ahead. Everything has gotten away from me, bills, responsibilities, relationships, life, just everything, and it's been for awhile now. Last month I became $1,156 behind on bills and $565 short and 1 day left of an eviction from my apartment, this month I'm faces with the same situation. When I normally stay on top and ahead of things. I genuinely reached out to someone for help, I didn't ask for the full amount, I also mentioned whatever they were able to give me would be a loan, and I'll give it back. This person still wanted more, something that was well below self degrading and against all respect for self and character. I pawn some things of mines and went without. Doing so only put me in a bigger hole, and it's getting dark down here, is how deep the hole is. Funny how we can go from being on track, and all it takes is an unexpected event to take place and now we're pay check to pay check prioritizing what's important to take care of and what we can put off and or go without. Life started going downhill drastically when my work vehicle broke down on me, February of this year. I had to leave it in Arizona, and I haven't recovered, or gotten back on track since. There was a time period where I had to survive off my credit cards, after losing my work truck, and now those have gotten away from me also.

I need help. Even now It's difficult for me to ask for something as such, but I need help. Not because I'm weak, but to remain strong. If hope & faith is all I have left, I'm holding on for dear life as I feel my fingers slowly slipping. I've never been one to give up or let myself down. It's just hard seeing a way out right now because I didn't plan this route or was prepared for it. What I'm hoping to raise will very very much so put My life & I in a well off better place. I appreciate your time. Thank You

Ironic that My name is Savion : (meaning Savior) but I'm the one in need of Saving sigh

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