The government does not recognize the severity of my illnes

The government does not recognize the severity of my illnes

From Maryann Mccullough

My name is Sergey, I am 20 years old. I live in Russia.

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 A little about me and how I got diabetes.

To understand my problem, you need to go back to 2014 and listen to my story:

As a child, I was humiliated and bullied by classmates, since no one wanted to be friends with me. As it turns out, severe depression can lead to unexpected illnesses. When I turned 14, I noticed a very strong deterioration in my health. I began to constantly feel thirst for water, in 2 months I lost weight from 60 to 40 kg, my vision has become very bad, and I had a severe headache. I went to the doctor about this problem. The doctor had a little fun and jokingly told my mother that I was most likely a drug addict (this is not true) and that I needed to be sent to a drug treatment clinic. It was funny for him, but I was on the verge of death, which I did not know then. During the day I was taken to different clinics, and no one could help me. Only one doctor guessed to take a blood test from me. It turned out that I have type 1 diabetes and I am in a very serious condition. At the hospital I was told that if they had brought me a little later, I would have fallen into a coma and died. From my own experience, I concluded that medicine in Russia is very bad.

My life after 6 years of type 1 diabetes. Why do I need support.

Since then, my life has changed a lot. I do 4 injections of the necessary medicines a day, I carefully monitor my diet, I do at least 10 blood glucose tests per day.

Diabetes is a very dangerous disease. Every meal is a health risk. I need to closely monitor how many carbohydrates I eat and how much I need to take medication. Low sugar levels can almost instantly lead to heart attack and coma, and ultimately death if doctors can't save you. High sugar gradually and slowly destroys the body, but very badly. I need support and a lot of money to stay healthy.

But the Russian government does not think so. We are constantly taught that diabetics are absolutely healthy people, but with a slightly different lifestyle (I'm not kidding, they say that!). The doctors say that I do not need special cash support, since my illness is not serious. Because of this, I use my own money to buy almost everything I need to treat my diabetes. The government only helps me with the most important - insulin (a medicine that lowers blood sugar), but that's only a fraction of the cost. I need: a lot of test strips to control blood glucose levels, disposable needles for injections and blood sampling, various vitamins to strengthen the body, high-quality and healthy food. I need about $ 100-150 a month to buy everything I need. We have very low salaries in our country and I spend about 50% of my monthly salary on my diabetes.

This photo shows a part of my diabetic daily routine.

I really need your help.

Now I want to tell you why I decided to create this fund. I am 20 years old. Now I am studying biology and genetics at a prestigious university in my city. I am not at all satisfied with the country's attitude towards me. After graduating from university (in 2023) I want to emigrate to another country, where there will be a decent salary and a normal state attitude towards my illness. I want to buy an apartment for myself, but I can't, because most of my salary goes to support my illness. I'm locked up in a country I don't want to live in. I have no choice but to ask you for help. Any donation will be very helpful to me. All your funds will go to buy medicines, and the remaining money will be set aside for future housing and emigration.

Please tell your friends about this page, I really need your help.

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