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The goal is to teach our viewers, about a story of an afro America man life starts with a abusive dad and a promiscuous mom a jealous brother and a hateful child mother. each put black magic curses, Leads to a blessing

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 Arkk7 music combined with Arkk7 pictures is a soundtrack with 8 songs titled . Quarantine time, Bigger dreams, Timeless, Make it happen, Switch siderZ, Nicca bitch, Blue money and bonus track Dumpin on dem bitchez. the soundtrack and a documented movie picture. The goal of this picture is to teach our audience things social media hides from the public This is an eye opening film of true knowledge of the world and how it effects every country of the earth. Teaching you this over thousands of years old agenda. The agenda of the creator of all religions are connected. It teaches you when the first war on record was documented .How the war was fought and won. As well as the war was handled and how many wars came after the first war. How man made diseases are made and who is the creator of man made diseases and the reason why. This is a powerful teaching of how to live a righteous life. As some will witness the music sounds is much different from the picture and the reason is that the story starts off with a Afro America man's life having a abusive father and a promiscuous mother. teaching there children a false religion that lead him to a teaching which is not a religion but a culture. As he is mislead to the streets and became very successful in the streets and his success in the streets created jealousy and envy among his own family members. As he mastered the street life nothing seems to stop him then his jealous brother married a illegal immigrate woman with knowledge of voodoo. As well as his father knowledge of black magic from his masonic teachings. Then a wicked scorn hateful child's mother scheming from her break up with him. From these three evil entities cause three acts all three at different times they all put three evil curses on this young man. His street life changed but his wisdom did not as he lost all his wealth and became homeless. He refuse to turn to the teaching and order of the satanic that promise him that he could get it all back. The curse bond him for thirty years, an threw a terrible relationship break up he found something on the internet, saying and claiming to read and donate one dollar and all cruses will be removed. He reads it and started to fast and threw the power of fasting in a few days receiving new knowledge of his life, then he started to fast for months and received more knowledge. then he began to fast for years an the creator of all things meaning the sun moon and stars. Touched him in ways unknown to man. The creator taught him the creation of humans and all things that wrong them as people and made him understand that his cruse was truly a blessing. That cruse held him for over thirty years. Everything he will now touch will become blessed and from the teaching of the creator the world started to change. The creator works through him to restore humanity to all humans. This is a must watch because 90% of this document is indeed a fact and 10% is added on to the picture. Its the viewers job to judge which is 90% and which is not. This FUNDLY is to help finish out the project because everything is stacked against us and the truth and teaching of the truth. So now THE ARKK 7 INC  must turn to their supporters to help finish out this project and make it come to life.

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