The forlorn hope

The forlorn hope

From Bobby Arangua

I am raising money to fund my endeavor to help the unwanted , the forgotten , the victims, of family violence, the abused , the used, and the lost, and get out the ones that want out, and want to start over , a new life.

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I am asking for help to continue my work, trying to help the forgotten the beat and the downtrodden and the lonely the started I was a part time thing trying to help people we became very quickly at my dad, my life I hope those people women mainly that they’re trying to get away from an abusive husband or boyfriend, or trying to get out of the life of prostitution or servitude or trying to get away from druggies women that want to try to regain their children and get away from this life. In some cases, I have to extract them from certain areas, places, or people, or hide them from individuals it mean to do them harm or patch them up because they had just gotten beaten the night before by either pimp or boyfriend, or husband , these are people that I have no family to speak of no friends no one to turn to. They are afraid to go to the state or the local authorities because either they are wanted themselves or they fear, ridicule and judgment or they’re illegal I find them to help they need to want or at least try , I’m not a doctor or a psychiatrist. I am medically trained as an EMT and a former law-enforcement officer, so I know how to deal with most situations I’m quickly running out of resources, medical supplies, food, money vehicle my vehicle is right during the extraction of a certain individual end of depleting my funds in my savings account and what not , I try to keep my home in working order but it’s hard when things start to break down and you have no way to fix or replace because all of your funds are going towards trying to help people. This house is known to mini as a safe haven sanctuary, the Alamo  so to speak, they come here as a waystation for the next point, or they come here to disappear for a few days and recharge the batteries or they come here too, have a sympathetic ear, or to get some sort of medical attention because they were beating the night before by their husbands, boyfriend or pimp I’m asking for help to continue to help these people that frankly have no one else and yes, it has been me in a bit more times than I can count the stolen from me. They manipulated me the abuse me, but at the end of the day they always know that they can come back, no matter what  when they need help and I am always there standing at the ready for their call and they do court even after they’ve stolen from me or tell me wrong it’s not about forgiveness you or anything like that it’s about being steadfast in me and the one true north for them. It will always be here whenever they need help regardless of their situation . 

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