The Flower House Kids

The Flower House Kids

From Sakin Jael

Peace everyone! We are raising funds to continue our documentary portrait series in Thailand. We need your donations to assist us in our continued journey. Thank you all!

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Peace Everyone, I’m Sakin a native of Chicago. My lifelong dream has been to motivate and inspire confidence, creativity and imagination in children and open a school foundation.  Now, as a parent of two, I feel an even stronger need to make this vision a reality. To further support this vision, I recently relocated my family from Chicago to Thailand.

Why Thailand? It's known as "The Land of  Smiles," and it's a place rich in respect, culture and beauty. After over a month here, a greater purpose has become clear.

Thailand's tranquility, collective unity, and compassion is a stark contrast to the sirens we heard in Chicago. We've witnessed the profound bond within families, from children helping their parents sell handmade goods to middle-aged adults sustaining their elderly parents' businesses. This experience inspired us to create a tribute to "The Flower House Kids"; a photojournalism series to capture and bring to light how people can coexist harmoniously.

The project "The Flower House Kids"  is named in honor of children I  met while working at the Garfield Park Conservatory and grew to love. They are a great group of individuals I mentored while there. In time I watched some thrive and others face tragic circumstances due to their environment.  When I decided to homeschool my children what better to name the school, The Flower House Kids Academy.  I carry on with my vision in honor and love to create this school.

I firmly believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience different envionments, and cultures to expand their horizons, inspire creativity and foster a deeper understanding of humanity. I am witnessing this inspiration and transformation in my children; so much so that my son Khael has taken to the lens and is eager to embark on this photojournalism story journey with me.  Too often, we live within our comfort zones, never exploring life from a broader perspective. 

Our goal is to illuminate the heart, spirit, and life of indigenous families here and share it with the world, knowing it will inspire compassion and humanity in all of us. We want to show our hometown that there's a vast world beyond city limits. 

To realize this project, we need $10,000 for travel, creative programs, equipment, housing, and website development. As our project flourishes in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we aspire to travel to other districts  to document and connect with indigenous communities and share our experience with the world.

Please support our journey, and stay updated through our website's weekly blog posts. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of  children and inspire a broader perspective on life.

Thank you everyone for supporting this goal of ours!

With Love and Gratitude,

Sakin, Khael and Nia

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