The Flash Love Movement

The Flash Love Movement

From Limual Starkie

Our goal is to be able to deliver groceries to an additional 1200 families. In order to achieve this goal, we will need to secure temperature-controlled storage space and a box truck that is 15ft or more.

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The Flash Love Movement was birthed from the impact of God's Love on my life. After spending decades of being driven by status and financial gain, I learned through losing. Everything I cherished and believed in became, memories as I slipped away into a deep depression and scrambled to hold on or regain family, status, income, and more. Once I hit my rock bottom the only thing left was to fight for my sanity so I gave God an opportunity to heal all the brokenness in me, and that's exactly what took place. I soon came to understand through my journey that the commodity that holds the most value in this life is that of people. It was through people and learning to live, love, and work with people that God revealed to me The Power of Love/Charity. 

Where I come from Love doesn't hold much value nor enters into many relational encounters outside of the marital/pre-marital bed. Love is viewed as a weakness and therefore not openly pursued or promoted. Love/Charity are things that are promoted in movies and on broadcast TV. 

Four years ago, I had a vision of people living, working, and growing together, the vision played snippets of me promoting random acts of kindness. I said in front of a large group on a stage in Fairmount Park, Love without a purpose, Love with no strings attached, Love without expectations of reciprocation. Love because you can. 

After I snapped out of my dream state, I immediately began writing down some of the things in the vision which were very detailed, much more than I have provided here and the name Flash Love Movement popped in my mind. 

I started living the vision immediately but nowhere near what I had seen. I didn't even know where to begin besides going around shoveling people snow while they were sleeping. I didn't have much money but always tried to live the vision, while promoting The Love of God that had affected my life so grandly. 

It was not until the initial shut down after COVID 19 hit that I started to research Non Profits and the How to make a difference. I found a church that was getting free food but needed help giving it away, so I would go help organize the food truck and then fill my minivan with as much food as I could and just drive around giving it to random people based on need.  I did that for a few months until my van broke down. 

A few months later I saw H.E.L.P. Inc. On Facebook giving away food in Kensington so I contacted the owner and asked to help and from then on we have grown from giving away 3000 lbs of food to just over 17000 lbs of food weekly. We have partnered with other communities and now reach several communities over 3 different PA counties. 

We believe we can do more if others are infected with the joy and peace that come from being an agent of Love/Charity.

 Not only do we feel we can impact families and communities by providing meals but more so by introducing a lifestyle that is infectious and contagious, but the beauty is to be contagious with Love/Charity means we can do our part in creating more light in a dark world.

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