The First step to save my Family

The First step to save my Family

From Firdaus Abdul Rahman

Im raising money to start a business with potential growth that strong enough for me to provide for my family.

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Greetings everyone, im new with this platform, so forgive me if my description is not as formal as it should be. So, For a start, My name Is Firdaus, 28 years old. Im used to work as a tourism agent. Since covid 19 pandemic started. The company i used to work with was thriving financially. Therefore, i was a let go, because they couldnt afford to keep me. Since May, ive been doing odd jobs to pay bills, and provide for my family; mum, dad and my 2 younger sister.

Recently ive discovered a job which is business on ebay that could change state im currently at financially. I have start by going to free classes ive found online. So far i could really see the potential in it. The problem is, I need a laptop, and some amount of fund to get it started. Hence why im here today.

I not a kind of person who like to put burden to others or ask for help. But with situation im currently at. I ignore my shyness and be here with all humility ask for help from anyones out there who's willing to help.

The fund that i receive today will be put to good use in starting this busines venture. Once its started to gain profit. My promise is, ill find 10 people in this airfunding who also need help for their projects and ill fund them. Not at the same time. But i will. Keep funding until ive manage to help 10 projects. This is meant as an appreciation to all of the kind hearts out there whose willing to help people in need like myself.

I'll pray for your concern. And even if you couldn't fund me. It's okay. Time is precious. Therefore, I just wanna say a big thank you for willing to share your time to read this. Thank you very much. 

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