The First Day Of Your Life

The First Day Of Your Life

From Timmothy B. McCann

We are the CHURCH for people who used to go to CHURCH, but have given up on church. We want to give hope to the hopeless and joy to those who morn. Will you help? Welcome to the First Day Of Your Life.

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Update #2

2 months ago

WE HAVE AN OPEN HOUSE TOMORROW. If you are in the area please drop by! Too RSVP Text us at 404-432-7578!

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Can I tell you a story? But before telling you allow me to ask you a question. Have you ever heard the voice of God and decided to pull a Jonah? You knew he was calling you but also knew you were not prepared to answer? Well if you have then you can relate to my story intimately.

AW Tozer once said, "What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” I have always seen God as one who picks up the wounded and provided them with another chance. Yes, he is a healer and a redeemer and all of the other things we think of when we think of Him. But to me he was and still is the God of second chances. So, when I heard him call me—my heart said yes but my mind ran for the hills. But one day through several life changing calamities my running ceased and I decided to vehemently run toward him.

So, as my wife LaSonya and I set upon this course to see this vision birth into the earth realm we are filled with excitement, elation, exhilaration, eagerness and several other words that begin with the letter “e” that escape me at this time. Why? Because of a word that begins with the letter “g” His Glory. ITs all for His Glory.

When my days on the run came to an end I relocated from Gainesville Florida because God called me to plant a church in S.W. Atlanta. A place where I knew only one person and had virtually no ministerial connections. This was 8/8/08. The day of new beginnings. So, what did I do while I waited? For the most part I served the vision of other men of faith. First at Elizabeth Baptist under the stewardship of Bishop Craig L. Oliver and then under the pastorate of Lead Pastor Teacher E Dewey Smith of Greater Travelers Rest Atlanta/House of Hope. Working in two ministries each with 13,000 plus members has grown me exponentially. When you are serving under the pushing the vision of great men with audacious dreams it can be infectious an I know that is why God sat me under both of these mighty warriors for the Kingdom of God.

In these ministries, as a Minister I worked in the following capacities.

·      Intercessory Prayer

·      Assimilation

·      Singles

·      Prison

·      M.I.T.

·      Baptism

·      Homeless Outreach

·      Men Cell Group Lead

…just to name a few.


With the knowledge that at our heart we are the church for the people who were churched and who re sick and tired of church, we are fully aware that we must use a different and innovate bait in order to catch a different and harder to catch fish.

Dyrect Lynks: This is a group that meets by phone to study the word.

What we have discovered is that there are a number of people who would like to be in church—but re unable for a number of reasons to attend church.

·      They may not be able to attend bible study due to their work schedule.

·      They may not be able to attend church due to physical limitations.

·      They may not be able to attend their church due to distance.

·      They may not be able to attend church due to incarceration.

Dyrect Lynks is simply a way for people to connect to the Word of God by phone at home.

E Church: The Goal of the e church is to touch those who do not or cannot attend church on Sunday Mornings.

Much like Dyrect Lynks many people have a number of reasons for not attending church. But in addition to the reasons indicated above, some are just sick and tired of “church folks.” But it is our belief that once a person in touched by the Word of God they will find a way—if it is physically possible to do so, to attend church.

If a person “can” attend church but does not we believe it's simply a sign of spiritual immaturity. Many churches have determend they will not stream of have e-churches for fear of losing members in the pews. We look at it differently. We believe both the brick and mortar and e church can co-exist. We are touching over 250 people each day by phone worldwide.

What started out as a simple call with three friends has become a morning ministry that is touching people all over the world. We pray at 5:30a.m. EST and pray with people from as far away as Germany to the east and California to the West. This is just another way to take the church outside the four walls.

Community Canvessing: We meet to love on people who many in the church has forgotten.

Each Saturday we walk the streets to talk to people to determine the answer to these questions.

·      What can the church do to help people in this community?

·      Why do you think people no longer want to attend church?

·      What can we do to bring value to you and your family?

Contemporary Music Blended with Traditional Hymns: Just as high level technology and walking door to door can live together so can Contemporary Gospel Music with a Hip Hop flair and Traditional Hymns.

Music is a gateway into the soul—especially for the unchurched. For this reason to bring them into the church we will have music with a heave inner city flair. We will have a DJ on some Sundays. Hip Hop Christians Battles you name it. But by the end of the service you will find us signing traditional salvific tunes. Songs like “The Old Rugged Cross,” and “Yes, Lord.” Again we believe both can blend in the same service.

For this reason We are seeking funds to assist us in launching a vision to help the lost. We are not interested in trans plant growth by “stealing fish from other ponds.” But we are interested in the over 150,000 unchurched people who live within a ten mile radius of the school we will have church.

The havest is ready. This is why we need you.

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Timmothy B. McCann posted a new update:
2 months ago

Update #2

WE HAVE AN OPEN HOUSE TOMORROW. If you are in the area please drop by! Too RSVP Text us at 404-432-7578!

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Timmothy B. McCann posted a new update:
2 months ago

Update #1

Can not thank you for all you have done to assist us. Believe it or not we launch in just 18 days and we are so very excited. We can not do this without you and others like you. Feel free to join us for our Leadership open house. For more information just text the word "RSVP" to 404-432-7578. Grace and peace.

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