The Dreams, I dreamed are finally coming true

The Dreams, I dreamed are finally coming true

From Taylor Elwell

I am fundraising to help pay for the cost of my first-year accommodation cost at The Wilkes Academy of Performing Arts. Please check m website for more information.

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Last year I auditioned and was offered places with scholarships to 7 of the top Performing Arts Schools in the UK and after much consideration, I accepted a place at The Wilkes Academy of Performing Arts. Gaining a place at any of these schools is very difficult and each school will have 3000 + performers audition for the 30 - 60 places they offer depending on the size of their facility. To gain a place at 1 of these Schools is an honour but to be offered a place at all with scholarships is rare.

Although I only started taking dance etc classes when I was 13 years old prior I was a gymnast and represented my county and region and started training at the age of 5 years and by the time I was 7 years old I was training in the excess of 20+ a week.

I have always had a clear picture of where I wanted to go within my career and I have always known I wanted to perform. I remember helping my mum one Saturday when she served breakfast at a local restaurant and I told the barman (who was training as a dancer) that I want to be a famous Choreographer one day and he told me that I needed training as a dancer no later than 13 and I started classes 2 months prior to my 13th birthday.

My dreams and ambition have widened a bit from 7 years old but I still love Choreographing my own pieces and its definitely an area I have not closed off as a future career. I am also determined to go to the US to complete my studies after finishing at Wilkes in 2023.

I have started this fundraising page to help me meet the cost of my accommodation whilst I am studying at the prestigious Wilkes Academy of Performing Arts.

My grandparents are currently paying for my accommodation which is £355 per month for a shared room, which still needs to be paid for even though I am currently living at home due to Co-Vid 19 and I am having my classes via zoom and I am unable to return to our accommodation as I am under 18.

My parents are currently paying the household expenses they were giving me to my grandparents to share half the rent but due to my brother Casey being involved in a road traffic accident in July 2019 and my mum having to give up work to look after him whilst he recovered we are still only receiving one income.

My mum was intending to return to work once Casey was recovered, but Casey was in a wheelchair/crutches until the end of May 2020 and by then Co-Vid19 had caused the lockdowns and it was impossible for my mum to secure work.

As soon as I moved into my accommodation I landed myself a job (within 48 hours) as a waitress at a high-end restaurant, Kenzo72 with the full intention of paying my wages towards my rent and tips for myself. But I only worked 2 months before the restaurant had to close due to Co-Vid19 and we are unaware when it will open again.

I was awarded a small grant from the Prince's Trust towards my equipment which is a real privilege and not easy to obtain and my mum is spending time applying for and researching grants/scholarships and bursaries but sadly due to the current economic situation, there are very few available and most of the schemes have closed due to Co-Vid19.

I would be exceptionally grateful if you could help me, the tiniest of help will make such a difference for me. I am hardworking, determined and dedicated to achieving my goals in life and any help given will be greatly appreciated.

Please check out Taylor Elwell to find out more about me.

Thank you again in advance for your support.

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