The Dream to finish Dental School

The Dream to finish Dental School

From Shane Maurizio Matthews

It is with much strength that I write this because I like to be independent however, I’ve found myself in the ever so common situation of wanting to pursue the dream of being a dentist but not knowing how to fund it.

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It is with much strength that I write this because I like to be independent however, I’ve found myself in the ever so common situation of wanting to pursue a dream but not knowing how to fund it.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a dentist as a young boy, doctors and dentists to me were like the superheroes I read about in comics and ever since I drew that parallel, I was in pursuit of becoming Dentist. During this journey, I have had many challenges and setbacks that prevented me from pursuing this dream of mine. I actually almost gave up on it but I worked for a few years to obtain a percentage of my tuition and then I decided to enroll in the Doctor of Medical Dentistry programme with faith. That percentage that I was able to save has now been significantly diminished between buying dental school supplies which are eminently expensive, travel expenses to get to school and food. Any little money I receive, I invest it right back into school which leaves me sometimes with literally nothing to eat. I want to become a Dentist so badly that I’ll push the boundaries of my body to ensure that my goal is achieved. My mother would assist with my tuition but over the years life has become exceedingly hard for her due to unfortunate events and I deem it unfair to increment burdens on her for the sake of my dreams. She sees my potential and as any good mother, she wants the absolute best for me. I know she wishes her pocket was as abundant as her love for me but sadly this isn’t so.

While my hardships are great, I’m not caught up in my own problems as I’m currently the Director of academic Affairs and I’ve been actively solving or helping to solve issues that the students are having. I take my role very seriously as a lot of the issues I’ve been hearing, I can relate to and I genuinely feel the need to help others. I understand the anxiety and stress level of student life because I’ve gone through it and still going through it myself. During this academic year alone, I’ve almost missed my exams twice due to my financial situation. The week before exams in semester 1 and 2, I had no knowledge regarding whether I was going to be able to sit my exams. The level of stress I endured for those two weeks was so unbearable that I could not even study. Despite this, I was able to pass my exams with nothing less than a B and I plan to maintain this standard.

It is no secret that I hope to get help however, there is no lack of integrity as my peers and lecturers can attest to my abilities. The money that doctors get paid is a great incentive but I’m in this programme and lasted this long based on pure passion and it is this burning passion that separates me from most of my colleagues. I know I’m not the only one asking for assistance and honestly, I’ll be grateful if somebody even reads this. If it so happens that I’m granted your assistance, you can bond me to my word that I will be one of the best Dentists my school The University of Technology Jamaica has to offer.

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