The Door Doctor Muscle Reliever

The Door Doctor Muscle Reliever

From Marc Nap

I am raising money for my product so I can hire a design prototype company to help with the final design process and make my official functional prototype, which will be used for final manufacturing mold & licensing

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I am a personal trainer and former fitness center owner with over 28 years in the health & fitness industry. I am passionate about helping people feel better about themselves and just feel better in general.

I created and plan on making a product I call The Door Doctor Muscle Reliever. It’s a device for the relief of muscle pain, soreness, knots, tension headaches and more. The Door Doctor is a unique design that allows the user to use it totally hands free and in a standing upright position which is vital for seniors and people with limitations. In the video you can see the rough prototype and there is a artist rendering of the real prototype we are working on.

It takes a second to attach it to virtually any interior door and instantly glides up & down the door to target different areas. With its simulated elbow/thumb tip design you can easily work on those spots that are troubling you. Simply lean ever so slightly against The Door Doctor on your sore spot, and your body weight and a little bit of gravity work that area effortlessly and like nothing else on the market can. The key is that it’s hands free, because you don’t want to be in motion and use muscles when you are trying to relax & soothe them. Another main key and differentiating factor from other manual massage products is that you are standing upright when using the device. When you are standing up and slightly leaning against The Door Doctor, your body weight and that little bit of gravity do all the work and make it effortless to add as much or as little pressure as you desire.I came up with the idea for The Door Doctor through my own experience with a sore muscle ( knot ) in my upper back area that troubled me on a regular basis. I couldn't find anything I liked on the market so I decided to do some research. In doing so I noticed a couple of Chiropractors recommending to put a tennis ball on a wall and lean against it. That is when the lightbulb went off and I knew I could and had to build a better mouse trap. 

After completing my campaign, the schedule will start with the official design of the prototype and shortly after the final mold will be made. I am very confident in the manufacturer I am working with. They have so many successful products and they are local so it is easy to pop by their facility to talk in person and check up on how things are coming along.

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