The Differences Between VPN & VPS (VPN Vs VPS)

The Differences Between VPN & VPS (VPN Vs VPS)

From Shahbaz Ahmed

A lot of people are confusing about differentiating the VPS and VPN. If we learn carefully, VPS and VPN are different. VPS can be analogical as the place or building, while the VPN is the access to freely surfing on t...

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A lot of people are confusing about differentiating the VPS and VPN. If we learn carefully, VPS and VPN are different. VPS can be analogical as the place or building, while the VPN is the access to freely surfing on the entire internet. In this article, we will talk about a VPS, a VPN, and How Does it Work? VPS vs. VPN. Let's get down to the below session.

What is a VPS?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a private or personal virtual server that only dedicates the full benefits and source to a single user, known as the owner, and does not share a part with another user. Hence, the user can freely use and optimizing any sources in the server for personal advantages—no need to mind about the security since the whole server is dedicated to you as the user. In short, VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a space for users in the virtual world where the owner can freely do anything that they want to optimize their business or personal blog.

In the VPS, the technology used is a virtualization of a physical hardware server. In practice, that virtualized server is divided into several different resources using a particular software for this action. Thus, in a single physical server, it is possible and common to find several VPS servers that run on that establishment simultaneously.

VPS is mostly used to work on a web page by its users to support hosting services. In some, or considerably most of cases, the VPS users are the people who have a hosting establishment before, but due to the thriving of the visitors and the limitation of performance on their service, they moved to the VPS server as the upgrade and problem solving towards their situation before. The lack of restriction on the resource on the hosting practices leads the website to have some difficulty fulfilling the request, and it is vital since the fast performance is anything in hosting a website.

The VPS users are dominated by the businessman, developers, or individuals who deal with many clients, which this condition demands them for having a high load performance. Some individuals are using the VPS server as an upgrade from their former hosting due to the high of their traffic. That is normal and the perfect choice for bringing their hosting to the next level.

A VPS function is not limited to website providers only but also as the virtual storage accessible in any condition and places with an internet connection. The users can use this feature as their advantage or problem-solving in managing the limited space on their physical hardware in the computers or phones. The jumbo storage on VPS is a point plus compared to the shared hosting because, on the shared hosting, the users mostly find several restrictions or limitations service is hosting. After all, it can affect the other users that work on the shared hosting.

VPS is a perfect feature that can be used to host software or application test and development from the developers before it releases to the public. 

In the web development process, some developers need to test the website's performance in several particular aspects to make the website perform the best version. In this process, VPS took an essential role as the platform to freely test and improve any errors and features. Thus, the developer can take fast action to overcome the problems and developments on the website.

What is a VPN and How Does it Work?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, described as the communication technology that connects to the public network as use that connections to get into the local network. That process has a mission to create connections similar to LAN, but it uses the public network as its medium. 

VPN or Virtual Private Network has several functions or benefits to its users: anonymous, Integrity, and authentications.

Being anonymous in the digital world is a must, especially if you are a public figure or using the internet for your personal use. Your data in the virtual environment is a fragile thing to cover. By that, VPN is the perfect option to protect your data on the digital ground. VPN will use the specific encryption to all the data that passes it and reshuffle those data. Hence whoever lousy person who wants to read your data will hit the wall and unable to access each of the data there.

VPN also provides the technology that helps the users to secure their data integrity and deliver the data in a full entity even if the data has passed the long journey through many countries. 

The technology in VPS also covers the process of authentication toward the resources from the senders. Each of the data will be inspected one by one, and the address of the source will be determined once the procedure is complete. Hence, VPS helps the users to secure and make sure the resource received came from the trusted resource.


VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a perfect solution for you if you want a fully dedicated server. VPS can help you face the problems in the flooding traffic on your site and privacy matter, but you may find several issues in VPS as its high-price that cost you a lot of money to use the service. Plus, you may find several restrictions because you cannot get the special full-access on VPS aspects, and VPS is not compatible with several businesses.

Meanwhile, VPN is also having several plus and minus in its function. Indeed, VPN helps you become anonymous and immune to several restrictions in accessing some particular sites. Still, VPN is not secure from any potential problems in the digital environment, and VPN is mostly slowing down your internet speed. Some VPN providers are also cannot be trusted. So, it would be best if you worked on finding a trusted and reliable VPS provider to avoid any losses and negative impacts on your business or personal.

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