The "D.O.N.T. Glove"

The "D.O.N.T. Glove"

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Hello I'm Trevor! I'm fundraising for final design/manufacturing costs to make my product available to all. Concerned about germ/bacterial/viral spreading in public, want to help? This is YOUR product! #ProtectYourSelf!

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Greetings Everyone! I'm Trevor.

I have been deeply inspired to create an extremely important product which I am truly convinced will help ALL humanity. I am raising funds to cover expenses for an injection mold and/or fabrication process for the final design of the product before I can have it manufactured and mass produced to quickly get it into the hands of those who embrace the awareness and take advantage against the dangers of germ and viral bacterias.  I was only able to produce a prototype version of the projected final design of the product due to limited availability and the very expensive, but very necessary final material needed to bring my idea to life.

I care so much about this product because I have experienced so much pain from the loss of loved ones due to dangerous bacterias and viruses. I can never get pass the pain but I channelled that pain into thinking of a way to combat against invisible, microscopic killers by creating a way to help prevent unseen germs and viruses as much as possible. Disclaimer: I AM NOT CLAIMING OR PROMOTING ANYWHERE ON THIS PLATFORM NOR IN MY PRODUCT DEMO, NOR IMAGES, TO PREVENT, TREAT, NOR CURE ANY VIRUSES NOR BACTERIA INFECTIONS, I AM SIMPLY PROVIDING A PRODUCT TO AID IN PREVENTION OF SPREADING GERMS.

I plan on raising the funds and meet the quota, contact and team with my manufacturer to create the final design so I can deliver with quality and deliver quickly. People, I am an honest, hard-working man who considers himself a "Evangelical Humanitarian" because I have a deep, sincere admiration for ALL people.  I am super passionate about helping people which is one main reason I started a company called "" to do just that, help!  I have many "gadgets" in different markets that are next in line and I can guarantee you NO one else has these types of products.  My main goal is to keep people from buying low quality products from some sweatshop overseas that tear up almost immediately and does not provide a solution.  

I want you all to grow with me and provide your feedback as much as possible so I can truly serve your best interests, not just some random product from someone who cares less about what you think. Please join me on this journey and let's achieve great things together!

Thank you kindly,Trevor - Inventor

p.s. please have a look at my initial designs of the prototype.  Also, you can have a look at the Customer demo to show you exactly how the product will work.  It's amazing and you will definitely find out quickly how it can help prevent the spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria in public places.  #ProtectYourself

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