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Trust changes everything. This short film will tell the story of 2 roads and 2 rooms. Join the effort & help restore relationships of trust!

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about 5 years ago

Trust changes everything. This short film will tell the story of two roads and two rooms. Join the effort & help restore relationships of trust!

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What if God isn’t who you think he is…and neither are we?

When young filmmakers encountered Truefaced’s book, The Cure, its pages transformed their lives and birthed the vision of a powerful short film.

"The Cure is a powerful metaphor and the film should deeply affect you.”

Peggy Patrick Medberry

Former VP of Shapiro-Lichtman and Literary Agent, guiding and overseeing the careers of more than 200 writers, directors and producers; currently VP of Amaris Media, as a producer and creative executive.

"We are all looking for important ways to use our resources for the Kingdom, and when these kind of opportunities like The Cure short film come along, and are going to be done this economically, it presents a real opportunity for us all to be involved.”

Jack Hafer

Producer of the award-winning feature film, To End All Wars, starring Kiefer Sutherland and Robert Carlyle. 

"The Cure is a fantastic book and this movie will bring significant meaning to everybody.”

Bruce Nahin

Film Commissioner; Entertainment Film Attorney, 30 years; Co-Founder, Janick Entertainment.


Biola University graduates, Elisa Logan, and Lindsey Clark, challenge individuals to re-evaluate their identity by asking the question... 

What if Grace works?

For the first time ever, The Cure novel, by John Lynch, Bruce McNicol and Bill Thrall is being adapted as a narrative film. Thousands of lives have been transformed by The Cure’s simple and yetprofound message: Grace works.

“Reading The Cure is like standing on the edge of a rocky cliff over a crystal blue lake. You watch with amazement as your friends leap off and splash into the cool waters below. You long for the courage to do the same. John Lynch, Bruce McNicol and Bill Thrall call us to take a leap with them into the blue, into our destiny, into the incomparable adventure of Grace. What holds us back? Why do we hesitate? What do we have to lose? Teetering on the edge, The Cure comes along and gives you a gentle push.”

Glen Keane

Directing Animator, Rapunzel, The Little Mermaid, Tarzan, Aladdin, Beauty & the Beast, Pocahontas

Our Story

Adapting The Cure into a screenplay was exceptionally challenging. In a tricky adaptation, you find a way to express something that moves the story forward and leads your audience through a character's emotional progression.

The first few months were all exploration. We weren’t writing scenes, we were writing ideas. The initial screenplay has been revised, altered, and tailored with precision. Alongside the help of our most trusted creative advisors, including some of you, we have faithfully translated the story of The Cure.

Our Hope

The upcoming generation is thirsty and ready for the message of The Cure. This film has the potential to reach an audience outside the Christian bubble, reclaiming the arts for Christ. Our hope is that this film will reveal God’s truth to inspire a greater audience.

To all who have experienced the freeing truths of this message, we invite you to partake in the journey.

Thank you for your prayerful and financial support! Stay tuned for updates from the cast and crew as we continue to produce this film out of passion, determination, and a touch of madness. 

-Elisa Logan

Producer, Elisa Logan, has been ambitiously captivated by all aspects of the arts since her childhood. From puppet shows in the basement at age 3, to writing and directing her own musical production while attending community college at age 16, Elisa has understood the power of story and desires to bring hope and smiles to audiences. During her high school travels to Guatemala, India, and Singapore, she developed a cinematic eye and an appreciation for the grandeur and beauty of the world. In 2010 she moved from Highlands Ranch, CO to Los Angeles to attend Biola University, recently graduating in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Cinema and Media Arts with an emphasis in Production.

While in college, she had the opportunity to work as a filmmaker for Intervarsity’s 2100 Productions, Urbana12 Missions Conference, Biola Distance Learning, and Endurance, and was encouraged in her craft by placing 1st in the 2011 Faith Film Festival, with her short film, “Moved by Love”.

“I am incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to bring the words of my favorite book to life on screen. That’s something many people can only dream of. It’s also exciting and humbling to be able to look back on my life, even now, and see God’s sovereign hand working so evidently in all the doors that have been opened and closed leading me to this point.”




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about 5 years ago

Check Out The Cure Film!

Trust changes everything. This short film will tell the story of two roads and two rooms. Join the effort & help restore relationships of trust!

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