The Content Charities Should Focus For Their Online Presence

The Content Charities Should Focus For Their Online Presence

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Digitalization is now a staple when it comes to promoting a product or a cause.

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Digitalization is now a staple when it comes to promoting a product or a cause. As a 2020 study by the Pew Research Center shows, 80% of Americans believe that social media platforms are effective in raising public awareness towards certain social issues. Thus, it follows that going digital should be a primary consideration for non-profit organizations when it comes to developing ideas for fundraising. However, with tons of online information to compete with, choosing the content to publish can be challenging. Here's a look at the most effective content that charitable organizations can focus on to strengthen their online presence.

External Events

One effective way to boost a charitable organization’s digital presence is to create a content calendar that takes into account key events related to its cause. Planning your content around holidays is an effective way of boosting your social presence, especially if you also take advantage of best SEO practices. For example, a non-profit organization that champions women’s rights can publish meaningful content about moms during Mother’s Day. The effectiveness of holiday-centric campaigns should not be understated. The Christmas season alone, for instance, generates 30% of all charitable donations in a fiscal year.

People-Centric Posts

Another effective type of content that non-profit organizations can highlight are people-centric posts. According to Twitter, videos that include people in the first few frames lead to higher retention. A different study also shows that photos that contain faces are 38% more likely to generate likes. This is based on the simple idea that people are more likely to trust other people as compared to corporate entities or organizations. Highlighting stories of people that your charity has helped gives your cause more credibility. It also humanizes your organization, so your target audience will know where their support actually goes.

Success Stories

One key aspect of a non-profit organization’s success is keeping its donors on the loop. A study conducted by Network for Good among 3,000 donors found that the number one reason donors stop giving is that they don’t know how their gifts are being used. Often, donors are mission-driven, and for them, donating is also highly personal. One respondent in the said survey stated that it is important for them to “know someone who benefitted from the non-profit’s work.” As such, it is important that you keep your donors up to date with your organization’s activities by posting your achievements. Share stories of the communities that your organizations have worked with to show the need for the cause that you are championing. Then, post stories of how your organization has helped. This way, you can show your donors the impact that their donations have made.

Going digital cannot be avoided, and charities should take advantage of a strong online presence to highlight the causes they champion. Consider creating a content calendar, people-centric posts, and success stories to reach your target audience and gain more support for your charity. 

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